Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Most Exciting Card Show Haul Ever!

Hopefully I suckered a few of you in with that post title. Actually, most of these cards will probably underwhelm the majority of you, but that's okay. They're mine and not yours, so you don't have to worry about it. These all came from a big show that Nobie and I went to back in April at the Arlington Convention Center in conjunction with the Rangers first home weekend series of the baseball season. It's a really big show and we got tons of stuff, all cheap though, 'cuz that's how we roll. What made this show so exciting though, was not the cards, but the total evacuation of the convention center for a fire alarm right in the middle of the day on Saturday. Talk about some nervous vendors. Anyway, after about a 30 minute delay they let us all back inside and we were back to work looking for deals.

Between Nobie and I we picked up a couple hundred cards. I don't know why, but I only scanned my cards, I guess Nobie was gonna do his own, but never got around to it. Here I found a couple shiny and one transparent Ranger.

I also found some new Suzukis to add. Gold, shiny and green!

This one guy had thousands of cards all marked a dollar. He said he had recently picked up several huge lots and didn't really now what they were worth. Most of them were marked with prices ranging from $4 -$12 which I figured were book prices. I picked up about 50 Elways and thought maybe the majority weren't worth a dollar each. (To me they were, I guess that's what really matters.) When I checked the going prices on the various sites on the web (COMC, Sportlots, Ebay, etc.) the prices marked were pretty spot on, so I guess a dollar each ended up being a great deal.

Anyway, I got a ton of great Elways for my collection and I didn't see one that I could have gotten for less anywhere else, so that made me feel even better.

I also found several Walter Paytons that came from the same seller. Again, I didn't pay over a dollar for any of them. Sweetness!

These shiny Finley's also came from the same guy. A buck each. I wonder if Michael will be retiring soon. He sure didn't get much court time with Boston this year.

It wouldn't be a successful card show without a few Dirks. Here are just a few I managed to find. The home/away jerseys are kinda cool. Too bad they aren't actual fabric. Hopefully, Dirk will re-sign with the Mavs soon and we'll never have to see him in any other jersey.
The last card I have to show you is one I wasn't sure existed. I had a ton of Rodman cards (thanks Troll!) but none of Dennis in a Mavs jersey. He only played here for 12 games, so I wasn't sure he even had a card showing his time in Dallas. Well, guess what? He does and I found it! I'm not sure if he's got anymore or not but at least I've got one. So there you have the results of the most exciting card show ever. For those of you in the Dallas area, the same company has another one scheduled in August. You should check it out, it's sure to be HOT! (I know that's bad, but it will be August in Texas!) Later.


  1. Nice looking Rodman card. It is sad to see him up against the Sonics Ruben Patterson in those nasty brick red unis. I'm not a basketball fan, but it sucks not having the Sonics in town anymore.

  2. Didn't realize you were an Elway collector. Need any more???