Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Baaack! And so am I.

Okay, well I guess I've been a way for a little while. I've just been kinda busy and honestly not necessarily in the mood to write anything. I've got several folders all ready to go with photos for posts, I just haven't gotten around to doing it. Too many kids practices/games and also Mavs games to watch I guess. I'll try to do a little better from now on. Maybe. Anyway, Nobie and I were at Walmart yesterday so we went to check the card aisle of course and guess what we saw...

Yes, all new Adrenalyn. This was one of our favorite sets last year and arguably one of their better looking designs in my opinion. The fact that you can get a handy binder to store them all in is a plus. They should make binders for all sets, wouldn't that be nice? We haven't completed last year's set yet but that won't deter us from starting this year's, so we picked up a starter kit and 3 extra packs.

Here is a random sampling of this year's design. There are 6 base cards here and 2 inserts. This year there are again 6 cards per pack for a buck. They used the same design as the football adrenalyn which came out in the fall. The players are much larger on the cards than last year but the trade off is that most of them are cropped at the waist area. Panini used plenty of team colors which they don't like to do on other sets. One nice thing this year is that the cards are numbered, so it will be much easier to keep track and make lists of what cards are needed. Good job Panini! My only small complaint with this year's set is that the "insert" cards aren't different enough from the base or the other levels of insert. You'll still find Special, Extra, Extra Signature and Ultimate cards, they are just harder to tell apart than they were before. All in all though I like these again and Nobie and I are excited to begin another quest to fill the binder. If anyone else gets into these things, let us know and maybe we can get some trades going. Later.

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  1. Is cropped at the waist area better than cut off at the junk?