Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Pack Rip NBA Panini Threads 2010-11

Here's a pack I opened a few days back. Nothing too exciting. I'm gonna show the backs on the cards where I think the photo is better than the one on the front.

Tyler Hansbrough - The Pacers seem to love the white guy for some reason. They usually have lots.

Stephen Jackson - Speaking of Pacers, I'm sure they'd rather forget Jackson's time there.

Raymond Felton - I always think this guys name should be on a Wheel of Fortune puzzle where they combine 2 names into one. The puzzle would be "Raymond Felton Spencer."

Mo Williams - Is Mo his real name? I always think it should read "Mo" Williams.

Manu Ginobili - I have to hate him because he's a Spur, but I'd love to have him on my team.

La Marcus Aldridge - This guy's pretty good I guess. I don't really follow the Blazers. I'm sure one of their nutty bloggers will leave a comment and can fill us in with more info.

Kevin Martin - Used to be a King. I don't think there are any Kings or Rockets bloggers, so that's probably all you'll get.

Devin Harris - Former Maverick, traded for Jason Kidd, rumored to maybe be returning to the Mavs so Kidd can back him up. Hmm, that's weird.

Allen Iverson - I think he's in Turkey now (but injured).

Al Harrington - The guy everyone confuses with Al Jefferson.

That's the end of the pack. Like I said, nothing special. Later.


  1. Are you inferring that Blazers fans have a disproportionate number of bloggers?

    LaMarcus is a beast. Now. No more Lofty McSofty.

  2. I agree, the backs in general are pretty nice. The fronts of these base cards are a bit disappointing. Very plain. However, there are some nice inserts and rookie auto's from Threads this year.