Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mavs for Knicks

A few weeks ago I got an email from Raymond asking if a Landry Fields Rookie card I had pulled was available. I told him it was and that I'd also be glad to send him whatever Knicks I had laying around as well. So off they went, and in return I got MAVS!

Ray included quite a mix of cards. Here we've got several ex-Mavs as well as a couple of Legends and current players Kidd and Barea. I honestly don't remember Darius Washington even a little bit.

Josh Howard was a good player for the Mavs while he was here and a few years ago we all pretty much thought he'd be Dirk's Pippen for many years to come. Unfortunately, or fortunately to some, Josh had some off the court troubles and injury issues that got him shipped to Washington.

Since Howard never really became Dirk's Pippen, that role has been taken over by JET a lot of the time. I really like Terry a lot, but he sure can go on some nasty cold streaks from time to time. Stackhouse added some much need attitude and toughness while he was here, helping the Mavs to not be quite so "soft".

I've already got 218 Michael Finley cards in my collection (second only to Dirk), but Ray managed to send 2 that I didn't have so that was great! Devin Harris was another Maverick that we all thought would be around for a while, but he now plays in NJ after the trade to get Kidd back.

Raymond also sent me an auto card of Nick Fazekas. Uh... well, he played in Dallas a total of 4 games in 07-08 averaging 2.3 minutes and 1.0 point per game. He then played another 22 games for the Clippers and then disappeared, I guess. The Clippers will do that to you.

The last batch of cards are the Dirks. The current Dirk count is 351, but Ray again managed to add 2 that I didn't already have. Now if we can just get the real Dirk back on the court that would be great. I'm not really liking this losing business. Thanks again for the trade Raymond. Later.


  1. Nice. I love getting envelopes full of my favorite teams cards. I'm thinking about starting a Stackhouse collection. He plays in my fantasy league, you know.

  2. Lucky dog! I've been looking for a D-Wash card; I remember him from his Memphis days. And that Stackhouse Chrome is a little weird looking.