Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fresh Customs For Ya!

Here's a new set I've come up with. It's a mixed photo/art set, like the players are popping out of a painting. At least that was the general idea.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent Sportlots Pick Ups

Since there hasn't been much new product that really wows us around here, we haven't been buying many packs. Instead, we'll occasionally go online to pick some singles, that way we aren't wasn't any hard earned money on stuff we don't want anyway. I really like Sportlots. They've got a great selection and usually are pretty cheap. If you can manage to get a bunch of cards from one seller at a time, the shipping is usually very fair as well. It's a little bit of a pain searching the site, but once you get used to it, it's not so bad. It used to bother me that you can't see the cards ahead of time, but now I actually like the surprise once they come in the mail. It's kinda like opening packs after all. Here's what we got this time.

A couple Kung Fu Panda Bowmans.

Some unauthorized UD Signature Stars.

A few Unique Unis from Topps Unique. I don't think this set went over too well last year. I didn't mind the base cards though they weren't all that unique. I like these for the throwback unis, but the design sucks. I would have rather they just shown the whole photo instead of cropping the player.

A couple more Unique inserts. We needed these for our player collections, though the design is somewhat ho-hum.

Triple Threads is a product I would never purchase except for singles. Way to pricey and I can't stand the cut out relic cards that spell everything under the sun whether it makes any sense or not. I don't even really like this card all that much, but it's a Kinsler I didn't have so what the heck!

Finally, we've got a couple of Tributes. Another set I could begin to afford but I had to pick up a few anyway. Most teams only have 1 or 2 current players on the checklist in this set, so I had to pick up the Hamilton to represent the home team at least. These are pretty nice cards in person, but way too pricey if you buy them by the pack. This is a much better way to get them in my opinion. So there you go for now. Wow, two posts in two days! I'm back on a roll. Later.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey TJ, I Can Take A Hint!

Here you go, dude.

Sorry, I've been away so long y'all. I'll try to keep up a little better. Later.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mailbox Surprise!

We haven't been getting many yellow envelopes in the mail lately, basically because we haven't been making many trades. It kinda gets hard to keep trades going without a whole lot of new product making it into the house. So, I was quite surprised when I pulled a yellow envelope out of the box the other day. The package came from Portland and inside was this little gem.

TJ sent us a nice autographed card of a presumably pre-roided out Juando. This is from Juan's third season I believe as the stats on the back show he had only played in a total of 49 games in 2 season for the Rangers. In those 49 games Juan hit 5 HRs for an average of 1 HR every 9.8 games. I wonder if anyone would have predicted that he would end up being (still) the Rangers all time HR leader with 372 in 1400 games, which ends up being 1 in every 3.76 games. Now that's some power! Thanks for the card TJ. Later.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh, no! I'm Fizzling Out... Can Customs Keep Me Alive?

I was afraid it would come to this. Like much of the card bloggers out there, I've recently hit some doldrums. I haven't been the most prolific of posters ever, but I think this current streak of 11 days without a post is my longest, not including being on vacation. I just haven't bought a lot of cards recently. Part of the reason is desire and part is money. I really like 2010 Topps Football but don't really have much money to spend as we're trying to better budget ourselves around the BigD household. Besides, pretty much all the baseball stuff sucks now anyway. I'm sick and tired of Topps retro! I wanna see something new and modern, maybe even a little creative. Call me crazy! Basketball season doesn't look to be much better as the stuff Panini is previewing for this year LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE EVERYTHING THEY DID LAST YEAR! I'll pick up every Dirk single I can get my hands on, but other than that, probably not much else. Bummer! So if I'm not really buying many cards, what will I post about? Well, I'll still pick up singles from ebay and COMC (I've got a couple posts upcoming) and then there's always these puppies...

I guess if there isn't much I want to buy, I can always just make my own. I don't know how long they'll keep me in the blogging biz, but at least they're free. Now if only I could get one of those aforementioned companies to hire me, maybe cards could make me a profit instead of burning a hole in my pocket! Later.