Sunday, January 30, 2011

"O" No!!! Another Orioles Trade

I'm not sure what the deal is with all the Oriole bloggers out there, but there are way too many. They're kinda like Trailblazer bloggers, they must multiply like rabbits. Anyway, because of their sheer numbers I told Ryan from "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog that I may not have much to send his way. He said that was okay, he had some stuff to help us on our set buildings so let's trade anyway. So I rummaged up what I could for him and this is what we got in return.

These 8 cards from 2009 Upper Deck Icons mean we only have one left to get. That would be card number 34. I don't even know who that may be off the top of my head.

Ryan sent a nice stack of base cards from 2010 Topps Series 2 also that puts us a few cards closer to completing that one as well.

This last grouping includes some insert sets we're trying to finish from 2010 Topps and 5 more cards from 2009 Upper Deck X. We are only 2 base cards shy of that set, but we need quite a few more of the die cut X cards like Ryan sent. I honestly don't think I'll be able to trade with anymore Orioles fans for quite awhile, we are pretty much fresh out (unless they've got something besides Orioles on their want lists). Thanks again for the trade Ryan. Later.

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Baaack! And so am I.

Okay, well I guess I've been a way for a little while. I've just been kinda busy and honestly not necessarily in the mood to write anything. I've got several folders all ready to go with photos for posts, I just haven't gotten around to doing it. Too many kids practices/games and also Mavs games to watch I guess. I'll try to do a little better from now on. Maybe. Anyway, Nobie and I were at Walmart yesterday so we went to check the card aisle of course and guess what we saw...

Yes, all new Adrenalyn. This was one of our favorite sets last year and arguably one of their better looking designs in my opinion. The fact that you can get a handy binder to store them all in is a plus. They should make binders for all sets, wouldn't that be nice? We haven't completed last year's set yet but that won't deter us from starting this year's, so we picked up a starter kit and 3 extra packs.

Here is a random sampling of this year's design. There are 6 base cards here and 2 inserts. This year there are again 6 cards per pack for a buck. They used the same design as the football adrenalyn which came out in the fall. The players are much larger on the cards than last year but the trade off is that most of them are cropped at the waist area. Panini used plenty of team colors which they don't like to do on other sets. One nice thing this year is that the cards are numbered, so it will be much easier to keep track and make lists of what cards are needed. Good job Panini! My only small complaint with this year's set is that the "insert" cards aren't different enough from the base or the other levels of insert. You'll still find Special, Extra, Extra Signature and Ultimate cards, they are just harder to tell apart than they were before. All in all though I like these again and Nobie and I are excited to begin another quest to fill the binder. If anyone else gets into these things, let us know and maybe we can get some trades going. Later.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Pack Rip NBA Panini Threads 2010-11

Here's a pack I opened a few days back. Nothing too exciting. I'm gonna show the backs on the cards where I think the photo is better than the one on the front.

Tyler Hansbrough - The Pacers seem to love the white guy for some reason. They usually have lots.

Stephen Jackson - Speaking of Pacers, I'm sure they'd rather forget Jackson's time there.

Raymond Felton - I always think this guys name should be on a Wheel of Fortune puzzle where they combine 2 names into one. The puzzle would be "Raymond Felton Spencer."

Mo Williams - Is Mo his real name? I always think it should read "Mo" Williams.

Manu Ginobili - I have to hate him because he's a Spur, but I'd love to have him on my team.

La Marcus Aldridge - This guy's pretty good I guess. I don't really follow the Blazers. I'm sure one of their nutty bloggers will leave a comment and can fill us in with more info.

Kevin Martin - Used to be a King. I don't think there are any Kings or Rockets bloggers, so that's probably all you'll get.

Devin Harris - Former Maverick, traded for Jason Kidd, rumored to maybe be returning to the Mavs so Kidd can back him up. Hmm, that's weird.

Allen Iverson - I think he's in Turkey now (but injured).

Al Harrington - The guy everyone confuses with Al Jefferson.

That's the end of the pack. Like I said, nothing special. Later.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red At The End Of The Rainbow, Not Gold!

I'm not one to normally try to complete a "rainbow" of parallels. I've never really felt the need to get every variation of a any particular card, though I do have a few parallels in my collection. Well that has changed with what I like to call "Cake Topper Dirk". If I was going to renew my vows and my wife would sign off on a Dirk cake topper, it would probably look something like this.

This card is the "base" relic from 07-08 Bowman Sterling. For whatever reason, when I found out there were multiple versions of this card, I wanted to get them all. So began the hunt for my first complete rainbow. The nice thing about this rainbow is that there is only 5 versions, so it shouldn't be too hard, right? Well... more on that later. The base card was not the first card I picked up, however, it was the 3rd.

The first parallel is the regular refractor numbered to 199. This is actually card number 4 in the chronological quest. It of course is very shiny and silver, though it looks blue here.

The card that actually started it all was this one. The black refractor numbered to 99. Since the black seemed like a parallel it got me searching for other colors. That soon turned up card number 2 in the rainbow quest.

Gold! This was the second card I acquired, numbered to 25.This is probably my favorite so far and I am now 4/5ths complete with my rainbow. Man that was actually pretty easy! Just one more to go, how hard can that be? Well after a little research I found out that the missing hue is red! There is just one little problem in finding the red refractor though. It is a 1 of 1! How am I ever going to complete this small 5 card rainbow now? I guess I'll continue searching patiently, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to complete this one. Even if I stumble across it, I shudder to think how much it may cost. Anyway, if any of y'all reading this have it, GIVE IT TO ME! NOW! Later.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Big Game Weekend!

My favorite basketball team the Dallas Mavericks and my favorite soccer team Newcastle both have big games this weekend against their most hated rivals. Both clubs are also anxiously awaiting the return of their biggest stars, Dirk Nowitzki and Andy Carroll.

I know it's only the middle of January and Dirk may or may not be back and 100%, but still. It's the hated Spurs. Surely the Mavs can get up for this one. Then tomorrow on the soccer field...

Newcastle and (fingers crossed) Andy Carroll will take on Sunderland in the Wear-Tyne derby looking to sweep the 2 game series with another 5-1 win. Let's Go Mavs & Magpies! Later.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mavs for Knicks

A few weeks ago I got an email from Raymond asking if a Landry Fields Rookie card I had pulled was available. I told him it was and that I'd also be glad to send him whatever Knicks I had laying around as well. So off they went, and in return I got MAVS!

Ray included quite a mix of cards. Here we've got several ex-Mavs as well as a couple of Legends and current players Kidd and Barea. I honestly don't remember Darius Washington even a little bit.

Josh Howard was a good player for the Mavs while he was here and a few years ago we all pretty much thought he'd be Dirk's Pippen for many years to come. Unfortunately, or fortunately to some, Josh had some off the court troubles and injury issues that got him shipped to Washington.

Since Howard never really became Dirk's Pippen, that role has been taken over by JET a lot of the time. I really like Terry a lot, but he sure can go on some nasty cold streaks from time to time. Stackhouse added some much need attitude and toughness while he was here, helping the Mavs to not be quite so "soft".

I've already got 218 Michael Finley cards in my collection (second only to Dirk), but Ray managed to send 2 that I didn't have so that was great! Devin Harris was another Maverick that we all thought would be around for a while, but he now plays in NJ after the trade to get Kidd back.

Raymond also sent me an auto card of Nick Fazekas. Uh... well, he played in Dallas a total of 4 games in 07-08 averaging 2.3 minutes and 1.0 point per game. He then played another 22 games for the Clippers and then disappeared, I guess. The Clippers will do that to you.

The last batch of cards are the Dirks. The current Dirk count is 351, but Ray again managed to add 2 that I didn't already have. Now if we can just get the real Dirk back on the court that would be great. I'm not really liking this losing business. Thanks again for the trade Raymond. Later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What About The Little Guy?

Well, it looks like we'll have a new Slam Dunk champ this year, if anyone even cares anymore. Lil' Nate won't be going for the three-peat so it will be between the Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin, the Milwaukee Bucks' Brandon Jennings, the Oklahoma City Thunder's Serge Ibaka and the Washington Wizards' JaVale McGee. I'm betting Blake will win on reputation alone though I'm not sure how creative he can be. I'm also curious to see what Jennings can do since he's only had like 3 or 4 dunks in games this season. Personally, I still think this thing needs more big names to compete like the good old days, but somehow they manage to keep it going. Probably, because I'm not the only one who somehow gets suckered into watching this thing year after year. What about you guys, any interest? Later.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Custom Plea!

Dear Dirk,
Please come back soon, we need you real bad! Later.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Fathead

I pulled and envelope out of the box a while back and it was from a reader named Richard I'd traded with before. He sent some mascots for Baby Peas awhile back and then ran across some Rangers I guess he missed the first time, so this was a surprise.

He sent 3 cards. The first card is a guy I've never heard of, the second is a nice painted Julio Borbon and the third is of Pudge in his early Ranger days. Richard also sent something that was a first for me. Fatheads.

Specifically, Fathead Tradeables. I'd seen the boxes of these in stores, but I'd never actually seen what they were. Unlike the big Fatheads that take up your wall, these are about 5x7". They are basically big stickers though I doubt that I'll ever stick them anywhere. I'm not sure if they are actually reusable like the larger ones claim to be, but they are pretty cool. I just need to figure out how to store them now. Thanks, for the cards Richard. Later.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Florida Sucks, But It's Also Great!

Wow, it feels like I've been gone forever. Some of you probably thought I was, though I'm sure many more didn't even notice. Anyway, my lack of posting was a direct result of being away from home. Where was I you ask? In Florida, freezing my butt off of course! Goose was playing in the Disney Soccer Showcase in Orlando, so we left TX at 6am on Christmas day and drove all the way to Florida for the tournament. I wasn't too keen on having to leave on Christmas day and I sure didn't want to think of all the money we were going to spend on gas, hotel, food and whatever else. So I guess you could say I was really pissed when this happened.

Yeah, one hour after arriving in Orlando on my way back to the hotel from the most congested Wal-mart ever and wham! I was one lane from being safely in the hotel parking lot. Traffic around Disney the week after Christmas sucks big time. The worst part was, it was actually my fault for turning in front of another car. The traffic was just so ridiculous! The 2 lanes I was crossing had never ending traffic backed up for miles so when the drivers of both lanes stopped and waved me through the gap I went. Problem was, there were 3 lanes (which I somehow missed. I would have bet a million bucks there were only 2!) and the 3rd driver wasn't really letting me through. So yeah, the trip is off to a good start.

Then comes the soccer part. Now I love to watch Goose play, but I'd just as soon do it in TX as Florida. There, it's always been free, but nooooo, Mickey's gotta make some money somehow. Might as well be off of the parents who drive their kids halfway across the country to play. Wanna know how much it cost to get me, Mrs. Big D and Baby Peas into the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex for ONE of Goose's games. 37 FREAKING DOLLARS!!! The only reason we didn't have to pay that 2 days in a row was because one night his team played the last game of the day so we snuck in after the box office closed and went in without paying. Man what a racket! At least Goose's team did well, though you'd never know it by this picture.

He's actually got a Silver medal around his neck, but he looks like he's the one who just wrecked the car. What can I say, he's extremely competitive. (The first and actually only time I ever heard him cuss, he was three and playing Memory. He flipped over 2 cards that didn't match and let out a SHIT! At least he used it in context.)

So the trip was somewhat good and quite a bit bad and I'm not looking forward to going back to Florida anytime soon. (Though I will have to go fetch the Dodge once the repairs have been made.) After arriving home and checking my mailbox, however, my opinion of Florida got a little brighter. That's because there was a package from the Troll inside. I had made some custom cards of Troll's wife, Esther Gin & Juice, so that he could give them out as stocking stuffers for Christmas. This package was my reward and what a good one it was. Check it out!

Mrs. Troll sent me a thank you package consisting of a program for one of their roller derby matches, a team magnet and what do you know! My own custom coming right back at me but new and improved. My very first TTM custom auto of Esther Gin & Juice herself. In silver sharpie even! It's totally awesome and makes it one of the coolest cards in my collection. That's not all though. She also threw in this...

a rookie card of one of my all time favorite baseball players Tony Gwynn. I didn't have this card yet, so it was a great surprise too! Maybe Florida isn't so bad after all. At least I know I've got a few friends there. Thanks for the great gifts guys, this was a really fun trade. Later.