Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sign Me Up For Some Good Stuff!

If you've hung around my blog even a little bit, you know that I'm a Dallas Mavericks homer. An MFFL if you will. I've been a Mavs fan ever since I was a young tyke growing up in Illinois and they drafted my favorite college player Mark Aguirre out of DePaul. In 1988 I actually had all my wildest dreams come true when my dad was transferred to Dallas and I could finally see every Mavs game on tv and even attend some in person. Then they traded Aguirre away within a few months of my arrival, for Adrian Dantley no less, who I couldn't stand. Damn it! Oh well, I stuck with them though the Shawn Bradley years even and last year they rewarded my with an NBA championship! All of this leads up to the fact that, while I've been a fan forever and have a gazillion Mavs cards, I have very few autographs of my favorite team, so I decided to do something about that. Here's what I've picked up recently.
Warning: Lot's of short shorts ahead!

First up we've got a Rolando Blackman Panini Elite Black Box. Ro is one of only 2 retired numbers by the Mavericks, the other being Brad Davis.

Next up is Sam Perkins on a Panini Studio Heritage Auto from a couple years ago. "Big Smooth" was one of those laid back kinda players that gave you great results with what appeared to be little effort.

Breaking the trend of short shorts in Michael Finley on a Skybox Autographics card. I would put Finley as number 3 on my all time favorite Mavs list behind Dirk and Aguirre. I think his number 4 should be retired.

Finishing out this batch of autos is another Panini Black Box featuring Mark Aguirre. I really wish things had ended better between the Mavs and Mark. I feel he is under appreciated for what he did here, and I still can't believe there is no #24 banner hanging in the rafters yet. I still keep hoping Cuban will get one up there eventually.

I'm really glad I finally managed to get some autos of great Mavs players from the past. Now I've got to figure out how to get one of Dirk, without costing me a fortune. Anyone got one for cheap? Later.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Am I First? I Think I'm First! 2012 Topps MLB Stickers

Well, I'm not sure if I'm actually first or not, but while checking the card aisle during the Walmart grocery trip I spotted something new.

That's right, 2012 Topps stickers are live. Not sure about the actual albums though as I couldn't find any at our local Wally World. I decided to go ahead and get 3 packs of stickers anyway.

As you can see, pretty basic stuff. A nice clean design which is what you usually get when it comes to stickers. They've got a little bit of a "surfboard" type patch of color at the bottom similar to Topps flagship card set this year.

Each pack includes 8 stickers. Besides the obvious player stickers, there are also team logo stickers and mascots as well. Since I don't have an album yet, I'm not sure if there will be other sticker types or not. We never did fill in last year's album completely but, oh well. Time to move on to the new stuff I guess. Get stickin'! Later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Certified Champions

While I'm awaiting new NBA product, I'm still picking up a few things from last year that managed to slip by. Panini's Certified set is the focus of this latest pickup and I only bothered to get the Mavs from the set. There are only 6 Mavs available unless you count the endless colored parallels, but I just got the base silver.

The Mavs attempt at a repeat hasn't been going so well lately as they've hit quite a bump in the road. They've had a few injuries and Lamar Odom has been nothing but a waste of space, but looking at these cards reminds me of what could have been. It would have been great to have kept Caron and Tyson (as well as J.J. & DeShawn) and see if they could have gone for two in a row, but I guess it wasn't meant to be for that group. Hopefully, this year's version can turn it around soon.

Just judging these base cards I like them a lot, especially the silvery foil swirl in the background. I've seen a few of the colored parallels on ebay and may have to pick up a few of those as well if the price is right. I think I'm just about caught up on 2010-2011 product. Look for a post on some new stuff soon. Later.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ready For Some Baseball? Big D Customs Spring Training.

A few days ago Captain Canuck said he wanted to see some other sport besides basketball. Well, Captain, here you go (although, he probably meant hockey). I did a Spring Training set back in 2010, so I though I'd do another one. I still think Topps should do something similar and eliminate the Opening Day set since it's just a Flagship variation. This would give us new guys in new uniforms, without having to be photoshopped. Of course, the entire calendar of releases would need to be shifted much later if you want this set to come out first, but that's not my problem. I'm just the designer.

In case you can't tell this is somewhat of an 82 Topps tribute. The thing I like about a possible Spring Training set is the chance for some interesting photography that you wouldn't get during the season. I tried to capture some of that here. I hope you like them. Later.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Since There Aren't Any Cards To Buy, I Continue To Make Them.

I think Panini may be releasing Hoops this week, but I haven't seen any so who knows. Either way, there has been a serious drought of basketball cards, so what choice do I have other than to make my own. Hopefully, you all aren't getting tired of them yet. If any real cards start to come out, I'll post some but until then you're stuck with looking at mine. Later.