Monday, September 13, 2010

Mailbox Surprise!

We haven't been getting many yellow envelopes in the mail lately, basically because we haven't been making many trades. It kinda gets hard to keep trades going without a whole lot of new product making it into the house. So, I was quite surprised when I pulled a yellow envelope out of the box the other day. The package came from Portland and inside was this little gem.

TJ sent us a nice autographed card of a presumably pre-roided out Juando. This is from Juan's third season I believe as the stats on the back show he had only played in a total of 49 games in 2 season for the Rangers. In those 49 games Juan hit 5 HRs for an average of 1 HR every 9.8 games. I wonder if anyone would have predicted that he would end up being (still) the Rangers all time HR leader with 372 in 1400 games, which ends up being 1 in every 3.76 games. Now that's some power! Thanks for the card TJ. Later.


  1. Sweet card... it sure looks familiar TJ! Gonzalez was a beast during the 90's... it's unfortunate we'll never know what he could have done on his own power.