Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cowboy Up! Press Pass 8 Seconds Box Break

A few weeks ago Nobie and I ripped a few packs of Press Pass PBR 8 Seconds cards. He liked them so much, that he told me he wanted to collect the set and asked if we could buy a box. I told him I'd think about it. Well, guess what we did. That's right, we bought a box and got to rippin'! The box contained 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. Let's check out the cards, shall we?

This is what the base rider cards look like. I picked these 3 because of their awesome names. We've got a Tater, a Skeeter and a guy with either the best or worst last name for a bull rider, Dirteater! I can't decided if that's cool or unfortunate.

This is what the backs look like. A nice full bleed shot with a short bio and injury info. Apparently Tater and Dirteater are tougher than Skeeter. He wears a hockey mask. What a wuss!

The Bulls' cards were Nobie's favorites from the start. Here we have 3 of the most colorfully named bulls. I'm A Gangster AKA Uncle Buck, Booger Butt and Scene of the Crash. I think I'll steer clear of 'ol Booger Butt especially. Nasty!

One of the insert sets is called Spur Crazy. They are nice and shiny and embossed, but they don't scan well. The fronts show the riders in the middle of their 8 second ride and the backs show them shortly after. Looks like a couple of the guys lost their hats!

The Belt Buckle cards are a little more rare, we only got 2. They are also shiny and embossed, but look much better in person. I'd like to get all 10 of these, but not sure if anyone else on earth even collects them. Now on to the hits!

The box promised 3 relic and 3 autos and that's what we got. We got a rider shirt swatch, a rider hat swatch and a bull fighter jersey swatch. The neat thing about these relic cards is that on the back it shows the article of clothing that the swatch came from or at least where they want you to think it came from. Even if it's not the exact item, it still makes for a nice looking back to the card.

Besides the 3 relics we got the 3 promised autos, 1 black and 2 slightly more rare #'d to 75 blue ones. We got an auto of Joe Baumgartner to go with the relic of his jersey so now all we need is his rookie card for the trifecta! We didn't pull any of the biggest names in the set, but it was still pretty cool to get 3 ON CARD autos! We ended up with a whole set of base cards (100) and the advertised 6 hits. Too bad all boxes don't get you 6 hits for $35! All in all it was a pretty cool box to open. All we've got to do now is track down the rest of the Spur Crazy and Belt Buckle inserts and we'll be all set. Later.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Most Exciting Card Show Haul Ever!

Hopefully I suckered a few of you in with that post title. Actually, most of these cards will probably underwhelm the majority of you, but that's okay. They're mine and not yours, so you don't have to worry about it. These all came from a big show that Nobie and I went to back in April at the Arlington Convention Center in conjunction with the Rangers first home weekend series of the baseball season. It's a really big show and we got tons of stuff, all cheap though, 'cuz that's how we roll. What made this show so exciting though, was not the cards, but the total evacuation of the convention center for a fire alarm right in the middle of the day on Saturday. Talk about some nervous vendors. Anyway, after about a 30 minute delay they let us all back inside and we were back to work looking for deals.

Between Nobie and I we picked up a couple hundred cards. I don't know why, but I only scanned my cards, I guess Nobie was gonna do his own, but never got around to it. Here I found a couple shiny and one transparent Ranger.

I also found some new Suzukis to add. Gold, shiny and green!

This one guy had thousands of cards all marked a dollar. He said he had recently picked up several huge lots and didn't really now what they were worth. Most of them were marked with prices ranging from $4 -$12 which I figured were book prices. I picked up about 50 Elways and thought maybe the majority weren't worth a dollar each. (To me they were, I guess that's what really matters.) When I checked the going prices on the various sites on the web (COMC, Sportlots, Ebay, etc.) the prices marked were pretty spot on, so I guess a dollar each ended up being a great deal.

Anyway, I got a ton of great Elways for my collection and I didn't see one that I could have gotten for less anywhere else, so that made me feel even better.

I also found several Walter Paytons that came from the same seller. Again, I didn't pay over a dollar for any of them. Sweetness!

These shiny Finley's also came from the same guy. A buck each. I wonder if Michael will be retiring soon. He sure didn't get much court time with Boston this year.

It wouldn't be a successful card show without a few Dirks. Here are just a few I managed to find. The home/away jerseys are kinda cool. Too bad they aren't actual fabric. Hopefully, Dirk will re-sign with the Mavs soon and we'll never have to see him in any other jersey.
The last card I have to show you is one I wasn't sure existed. I had a ton of Rodman cards (thanks Troll!) but none of Dennis in a Mavs jersey. He only played here for 12 games, so I wasn't sure he even had a card showing his time in Dallas. Well, guess what? He does and I found it! I'm not sure if he's got anymore or not but at least I've got one. So there you have the results of the most exciting card show ever. For those of you in the Dallas area, the same company has another one scheduled in August. You should check it out, it's sure to be HOT! (I know that's bad, but it will be August in Texas!) Later.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Contest Prizes Revealed!

Well, here you go. The big reveal. These are 4 of the 5 winning cards. (I still owe one to Troll.) These cards have been received by their new owners, so I thought I'd post them here for all to see.

This Orel Hershiser card was requested and won by Mark from Mark's Ephemera.

Adrian Peterson now belongs to Jeremy from No One's Going To Read This Blog. Make sure you visit his site and prove him wrong.

Greg Maddux found a new home in the windy city with Jon from Community Gum.

Last but not least, we have a Hunter Pence card that is now a part of Cam's collection at Collectible Cards - Fun and Easy.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest. There were tons of great requests and ideas. Later.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Box Break

Well, it's been awhile since we opened this box, but I figured I'd show it off in case anyone sees something they need. I've posted our want lists for Series 2 under the Sets We're Building button.

8 Gold parallel cards. All are for trade, but the Cruz.

9 Turkey Reds. Nobie wants to collect the set, so we'll keep all of these. I don't have a want list for these yet, but this is all we have so far so we need the rest.

10 Yo Momma cards. We're gonna keep the Banks, Bench, Gwynn, Smith & Pujols/Ichiro. The rest can be had.

9 Vintage Legends. These are a kinda neat idea, though they are a little too much like the Yo Momma cards. I think we have 3 of the Honus card already between this box and a few random packs. We'll keep the Ozzie, anything else is for trade.

6 History of the World Series. Need 'em?

10 Peak Performance. We're collecting the set. Check our want list.

8 Legendary Lineage.

I don't remember why I only scanned in 9 of the Toppstown Attax cards. We got a lot more, maybe the rest where doubles. Anyway, they ruined these cards in my opinion by putting the stupid code on the front. They aren't an awesome design anyway, but the code doesn't help. It should be on the back. They did the same thing with the Opening Day Toppstown cards and also ruined what was actually an pretty cool design in that set. Why didn't they put the codes on the back like the Series 1 Toppstown cards? One other thing about these cards. They aren't numbered which is a pain. That and I still don't have a Kurt Suzuki even though we have most everyone else including many doubles. Anyone have an extra to spare, if it even exists?

We also got 1 You Sketch It card and 1 Red Hot Rookie Redemption. Maybe #7 will be that kid who plays in D.C., though Nobie would be happy with a Starlin Castro, too.

We got 6 of the 2020 cards and both Nobie and I really like these, so we're going for the set. We have doubles of Mauer, McCutchen & Jimenez from other packs if anyone wants to trade. Check out our want list.

And here is the box hit. An auto of Howie Kendrick. This is up for trade as well, as we are not much of Angels fans in this house. If you see anything you need let me know. Don't forget to check our want list for base card needs as well. Later.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Stuff From Cards on Cards

Wow, I didn't mean to be away for so many days! Guess, I've been kinda busy. Actually, I'm still busy so here's a quick trade post with Madding. If I remember correctly, I sent him some Blazers and this is what I got in return.

The Dream and the Mailman. Two of my old school favorites.

Dwight Howard and Jason Kidd. I think Howard is always above the rim on his cards. Jason is always below it.

Dirks. I'm a little nervous he'll leave as a free agent, but I sure hope not. He's my all-time favorite Mav.

Kurts. Madding sent a bunch. I think I had most of these, but a couple are new. Now if I could just get a hold of a 2010 Series 2 Toppstown Attax Kurt. I think we have just about every other player and doubles of lots, but still no Kurt. Do they actually exist?

The package wraps up with some Rangers. Who just wrapped up a sweep of the Pirates to extent their streak to 11. Good times! Thanks for the trade, Madding. Later.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

Big D Custom Contest Prizes!

Sorry! I'll bet you thought you were gonna get to see them, huh? Well, you're not. Not yet anyway. I didn't want to spoil the surprise for the winners. They have been mailed, though, (except for the Troll's) so as soon as the lucky winners let me know they have them, I'll release the images for all to see. THEN, you can be jealous. Later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 Panini Prestige Football - A Sign of Good Things to Come?

I bought my first pack of 2010 NFL cards a couple weeks ago and if I have any luck this year based on the first card of the season, then the Cowboys will be Super Bowl champs! My first baseball card of the year was a Ranger and guess what my first football card was!

That's right a Cowboy! Mr. Romo himself! How awesome will it be to see the Rangers and the Cowboys win it all in the same year! Okay, so enough of the Cowboys homerisms, let get to reviewing the cards themselves.

Let's start with the backs. A pretty decent design, though I still wish Panini would include yr to yr stats and make them larger and easier to read. You'll notice that the cards have actual team colors on the backs which looks nice, but for some reason, yet again...

the fronts are void of any team colors other than the players in the photos. Why? Why are so many Panini sets basically grey on the front? Oh, and there is also the annoying white fade at the bottom again. The photos themselves are nice and I like that the players are not completely cropped out of the backgrounds in this set. What I don't like is that all of the players heads are trapped between the Prestige logo and their team logo at the top.

The rookie cards have the same problem as the veterans. Where are the team colors? That and they are obviously made to have autos, but this card doesn't have an auto, so it looks bad. I bet you're waiting for me to say I can do better aren't you? Well I think I can, so here is what I came up with.

See, much better right? Add some team colors, move the logos to the bottom, away from the heads and presto, a nicer looking card. I also moved the players name to the bottom and placed it horizontally. I didn't like all the text being diagonal.

Here we have color added to the rookie card and since this isn't an auto, I decided to make their new team logo stand out better. After all, they are NFL players now so shouldn't their NFL team stand out a little more than their college colors? All in all, I like this set okay and will probably pick up some more here and there. I just wish some of these companies would start consulting with me before putting out their sets. I would buy a lot more if I had more input! Later.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cards For All...

at least for everyone in our family. We recently completed a trade with new reader Cam, who happens to be an Astros fan way up in Pennsylvania. Not sure how that happens, but anyway. Cam sent us a nice package with a little something for all of us collectors in the house. Check, them out!

I received a Kurt and some Ranger standouts. There were also bighead and trapped in a tv Ichiros and a nice Pujols heritage, all of which were new to me.

For Goose, Cam sent some Broncos, a couple Fitzgeralds and Gatorade's second greatest spokesman, Peyton Manning.

I imagine since Cam is an Astros fan he had at least a couple doubles of Berkman to send to Nobie along with some HanRams and Vladys. I like these PowerUp cards for some reason. Kinda like a bobble head on a card, they're fun.

Last, but certainly not least, Baby Peas received some mascots, both major and minor a few of her favorites, Murphy and Byrd. Thanks for the great cards Cam. By the way, Cam was one of my contest winners and he will soon be receiving his very own BigD Custom Hunter Pence card. I promise it will be mailed soon Cam! I just gotta get it all assembled and dropped in the mailbox. Later.

Friday, June 11, 2010

TTM Success...

for Baby Peas! My first attempt at a TTM auto was not actually my Michael Finley fiasco. While the unsigned Finley cards did come back first, this Murphy card was sent to the Rangers last September. I sent it along with a short note telling David the card was for my daughter. I was hoping he might personalize it (I tried to trick him into it by suggesting he might so that I couldn't sell it on ebay or something, in case he didn't believe it was for my daughter) but he didn't. That's okay though, she was still very happy when she opened the envelope addressed to her the other day. So, now we're batting .500 on TTMs which is a lot better than .000! Later.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Latest Nobie Card

Hey this is Nobie for another post . I'm having fun making cards and this is my latest one. The owner will soon be Brian from Play at the Plate. I hope he enjoys this card and if any of you want a player in this design I wouldn't mind making one. Don't worry BA Benny and Tribe-cards because you guys cards are coming. See Ya!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More from the Mooss!

I sent a stack of racing Bodines and some Dick Trickle diecast to everyone's favorite antlered friend and this is what we got in return.

Good grief, more Peavys! I honestly don't know how he manages to include a few for Nobie every time we get a package. I didn't even know Joe had a brother Jake until we got this card. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's not as good as Joe. I'd like the shiny Borbon a lot better if he could actually hit this season. Reminds me of Coach Brown's criticism of Willie Mays Hayes in Major League, when he said, "You may run like Mays, but you hit like shit!" That's Julio. We also got a Panda we didn't have.

Besides baseball, the Mooss sent some very shiny football that doesn't look very shiny in the scans of course. One of these cards is not like the others, can you tell which one and why? Well, besides the fact that the Shannon Sharpe is a Fleer Metal unlike the others, he is also the only player shown not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That's a joke in my opinion as he is one of, if not the greatest TE in history. Hopefully, he'll make it in eventually. Thanks for the great stuff as usual, Mooss! Later.