Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check Out Some More of My Cards from COMC.

By now, I think most everyone know about the greatness that is It's probably my favorite place to buy cards online because of it's simplicity and I really like that every card is scanned front and back. This leads to no questions about what you are getting, although it does add to the "handling" fees adding up, which is COMC's only real downside in my opinion. I usually just do $20 sprees at a time. Here's what I got from a COMC spree a while back.

2 young/youngish stars of the American League Champion Texas Rangers. Elvis is a big part of the future of this franchise and one of the youngest Rangers as well. He is also Nobie's favorite Ranger. David Murphy isn't quite as young age wise, but he's still pretty young from a games played perspective. Murphy is a solid 4th outfielder and got a lot of playing time this year due to injuries to Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton. He is also Baby Peas' favorite Ranger.

I picked up 3 new cards for the Kurt collection including a USA jersey swatch, a Turkey Red and a base card from the blacked out Walmart set.

When I was a kid I loved the Kellogg's 3D cards. Actually, I still do, so I picked up a couple of my Cardinal faves. I never managed to build a whole set of these, just gathered some here and there, none of which I can seem to find now. I do have a whole set of 82s (I think that's the right year), but I ordered those as a whole set. I really wish MLB would scrap the exclusive Topps deal and get these things back in cereal boxes.

While rummaging through COMC is stumbled upon what I thought was a Kellogg's football card of Charlie Joiner. Turns out its actually from Stop-n-Go. It's pretty much the exact same thing as the Kellogg's cards though. I also grabbed this Kellen Winslow to help quench the nostalgia I was having for the Air Coryell days.

My current favorite player is Jason Witten of the Cowboys so I picked up a couple of his Finest. The blue refractor is especially nice looking. The other one makes it look like Jason is a member of the Red Lantern Corp or something.

Of course, if I'm gonna pick up some football, I can't do it without adding a few Elways to the collection. Nothing overly exciting, but all cards I didn't have including a nice Sportflix.

My original favorite Maverick is Mark Aguirre and I'm quickly running out of cards of his to collect. This is one I didn't have and I'm not sure where it comes from exactly. I'm not sure if it was part of a set or maybe came as a tag on a shoe or what. Except for the pricey Star cards from the early to mid eighties, I've pretty much got all of Mark's cards, although if I checked some Beckett list or something, I'd probably find that I'm not as close as I think.

Last, but not least, I grabbed a handful of the greatest Maverick ever, Dirk. The Topps Echelon or whatever its called in the upper left hand corner is kind cool. It reminds my of on old TV screen. The card next to it is an Upper Deck 3D stars Sportflix type card that Dirk shares with Jason Kidd. They're kind morphed together in that picture. The diecut Unstoppable is also cool, though it would be neater if it wasn't a smooshed stop sign shape. Anyway, there's what $20 can getcha on COMC. Later.

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  1. I'm with you on COMC. I really enjoy it, but the handling fees can be a bit much sometimes. Cool cards though!