Thursday, January 5, 2012

Score From The Junkie!

We are still quite a few stickers short of filling our 2011 MLB sticker book, but thanks to dayf, also known as the Cardboard Junkie, we are quite a bit closer.

Dayf sent us 4 custom built packs including only stickers we needed. One of the packs was custom wrapped in this note:

Let that be a lesson out there to all you collectors. Keep your tea away from your cards & stickers! Lucky for us, the stickers turned out to be just fine. No vintage teas stains at all and they don't even smell funny! Since dayf has already filled his sticker book, he said he didn't need anything from us, but then he had to go and not play fair. There was more that just stickers in in the envelope he sent.

There were Mavs cards too, including an ant's eye view of Samaki Walker and a pretty sweet metal card of the Mantis himself, Shawn Bradley. The Bradley card is actual metal. It's much noisier than a regular card if you should drop it and could even scrape ice off your car windows in a pinch!

The previous 4 guys are relative Maverick spares (though I love them all equally!), but this next group are a few notches above. JJ, Harper, Fin and Kidd all contributed in a big way while they were here in Big D. Finley ranks number 2 in my Mavs player collection for number of cards and this sticker was one I didn't have, so that's a big plus. That's not all dayf sent, though. It gets better!

The last 2 cards are the best in the package and they both feature Dirk. One is a rookie card that I didn't have yet and the other is a sweet hand drawn custom sketch card. Is that awesome or what? Now I feel happy sad. Happy that I received such great cards, but sad that my blogger friend would double cross me so! Now I'm gonna have to dig up some Braves or My Little Pony stuff to send back so I won't feel so guilty. Though, after reading his New Year's Resolution post about getting rid of some of his junk, it will probably just get thrown out anyway, so maybe I should just save myself the postage. That'll teach him, right? Later.


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