Friday, July 23, 2010

Can You Send Cards By Pony Express?

Cameron over at Cardboard Heaven sent us a little package awhile back. It was very "wild west" oriented with some cowboys, broncos, cubs, rangers & indians. Let's mosey on out back and take a gander at 'em, shall we?

Football is just around the corner. The Cowboys begin camp tomorrow in early preparation for their Hall of Fame matchup with the Bengals. To my knowledge, there were no tigers roaming around in the "wild west". If there had been, I'm sure Romo could have taken care of them, being the gunslinger that he is!

Cubs are little bears of course, which would definitely be found in the "wild west". Most of the actual cubs would probably be a lot more fierce than the Chicago Cubs have been this year. Maybe Zambrano could give a wild cub a run for it's money, he's pretty fiesty!

Alfonso fits our "wild west" theme except for when he's in a Yankees uniform. Damn Yankees don't belong out west. They need to stay back east with the rest of the cityslickers!

Here we've got a mess of Rangers surrounding a couple of Indians. Actually that's just one Indian. Victor must have set up a decoy of himself in order to make an escape attempt from the Rangers posse. I don't think he stands a chance, the Rangers rule the West this year! Thanks for the cards, Cam. Later.

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