Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Original Favorite.

The Dallas Mavericks have always been my favorite team. Not only are they my favorite basketball team, they are number 1 in my heart in all of sports. I didn't even really like basketball when the Mavericks came around in 1980, but then a couple of things happened. I finally gave in to all my friends and went out for basketball in the 5th grade. I've always been way taller than everyone else, but I didn't like hoops until I tried it and guess what, I've loved it ever since. The other factor was this guy...

Mr. Mark Anthony Aguirre. Once I started playing, I began watching and growing up in Illinois at the time I watched a lot of DePaul Blue Demon basketball and Mark was the best. When he was drafted by the Mavs they instantly became my favorite team and have been ever since. I followed them the best I could from afar. My dad would travel to Dallas on business and bring me back Maverick gear and I even subscribed to the Dallas Mavericks Press newspaper. After my senior year, my dad was transferred to Dallas and I couldn't believe it! I could finally see my Mavs in person and watch all the games on TV. Sadly though, shortly after my move, this happened...

Mark was traded to the friggin' Pistons for Adrian Dantley. I was crushed. While I still loved the Mavs, the front office was not on my friend list for quite a while after this. The next couple years after Mark left the Mavs, they began their downward spiral into being the worst franchise on earth for a period of about 10 years. That sucked big time.

For Mark though the trade worked out perfectly as he helped lead the Pistons to back to back championships. Lucky for me the Pistons were good, so at least Mark was on TV a lot for me to see. After several years in Detroit, Mark finally wound up his career as a Los Angeles Clipper. Dirk has surpassed Mark as my all time most favorite player, but I'm glad that Panini is still making a few cards at least of my original favorite. What about you? Who is your original favorite? Later.


  1. That's a great fan story!!!

    Like many, I'm a Jordan guy. However, whenever I imitated or pretended I was a pro player as a little tike on the playground, I was always I. Thomas. I just liked his game. I've always been a Chris Mullin and Felipe Lopez fan because of all the St John's games I used to watch. Mullin was such a smart basketball player. Can't argue with that flat top either.

  2. Great post... my favorite player growing up was Byron Scott. I loved watching him shoot the 3... and when I played, my favorite shot was the baseline jumper... the shot I practiced so many hours to hit.

  3. I haven't ever been much of a basketball fan. I didn't follow it until Garnett went straight to the NBA the same year I graduated high school.

    I have always been a footbal fan though. Originally my favorite was Rocky Blier. But he retired when I was a little kid so I moved onto Walter Payton. Once he retired I changed to Dan Marino.

  4. If I remember correctly, a little before I really got into the collecting and such in the summer of '96, Jamal Mashburn was one of the very first players I remember being a huge fan of.