Friday, January 7, 2011

My First Fathead

I pulled and envelope out of the box a while back and it was from a reader named Richard I'd traded with before. He sent some mascots for Baby Peas awhile back and then ran across some Rangers I guess he missed the first time, so this was a surprise.

He sent 3 cards. The first card is a guy I've never heard of, the second is a nice painted Julio Borbon and the third is of Pudge in his early Ranger days. Richard also sent something that was a first for me. Fatheads.

Specifically, Fathead Tradeables. I'd seen the boxes of these in stores, but I'd never actually seen what they were. Unlike the big Fatheads that take up your wall, these are about 5x7". They are basically big stickers though I doubt that I'll ever stick them anywhere. I'm not sure if they are actually reusable like the larger ones claim to be, but they are pretty cool. I just need to figure out how to store them now. Thanks, for the cards Richard. Later.


  1. No problem, glad you liked them. I've used some of the Fatheads on my card binders that house my collections.

    The Phillie one I got last week looks great on the blue binder I found on Monday:

    Oh, and thanks to you and BA Benny, I've started my own blog!

    They do appear to be reusable, but I'm betting the edges would curl up on peeling and then not stick flat again.

  2. Very cool. My son has the full size Derek Jeter that he got for free when he bought MLB 2K10 last year. I need to sell it on Ebay. Can't have that Yankees stuff in the house!