Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Good Problem To Have...

is a cardboard problem. I've been reading their blog for quite a while, but had never made a trade with either of the ladies of A Cardboard Problem. Recently Marie offered up some bball cards to whoever wanted them, all you had to do was name a team. So guess what I asked for... that's right, Mavs! Marie was looking for some Lakers in return, so I gathered some up, threw in a Robbie Cano to top them off and sent them on their way to NY. This is what showed up in our mailbox.

We've got 2009-10 & 2010-11 Rookies and Stars as well as 2010-11 Prestige. I wonder if Ro Blackman wishes the shorts had been longer when he played.

There were also a few cards from 2010-11 Threads. I really like the inclusion of the occasional old-school Mav, in this case Sam Perkins. The jersey die cut cards are also pretty cool. This Kidd one is the only other one I have besides Dirk's home & away from last season.

From 2010-11 Donruss, I received a Production Line insert of Brendan Haywood and the Maverick team card. The Jet Terry card is from last years Studio line. I liked that set, but haven't heard anything yet about it returning this year. It had some really nice photography that was easy to overlook because the shots were used in the black & white background portion of the card.

The last 2 cards are of the Mavericks lone rookie this year Dominique Jones. DoJo hasn't gotten much playing time this season and is currently on the DL but he has looked promising in his stint in the D League and the few minutes he's managed to get in the NBA. Now all I need is a regular rookie card and I'll have a trifecta!

Thanks for the great cards Marie. Anytime you can get rid of some Lakers and turn them into Mavs, it's a great trade in my book! Later.

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