Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet The New Guys.

I've decided I need to add some new blood to my list of players I collect. Since Michael Finley has retired and Kidd and Nash may not be too far behind, I'm left with a decreasing list of current players. Even Dirk only has maybe 3 or 4 years left and that would leave me with only Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol and Andrei Kirilenko as current guys in my collection. So I'm gonna add a few. Now I probably won't become a super collector of any of these guys like I am with Dirk and Finley, but they are guys I like to watch play.

First up is Pau's little brother Marc, though he's not actually "littler" than Pau. I keep thinking Marc may become a dominant big man. So far, he's a good big man though he's still pretty young with quite a bit of upside.

The Birdman is another guy I'm gonna add mostly because he's just wild-ass and fun to watch. He's also got some pretty cool cards out there like this one. He's pretty much the white Rodman, though nowhere near as great a player. He seems like the kinda guy most people would hate as an opponent, but wouldn't mind so much if he was on your own team.

Up next is Aaron Brooks, speedy little point guard for the Rockets. Being in the same division as the Mavs, I've seen him quite a bit. Last year he was the league's most improved player and while his playing time has lessened a bit this year he's still a big part of their team. He's had some injury issues this season as well that have slowed him down a bit.

Speaking of speedy guys Monta Ellis has torn the Mavs up a time or two. In Monta's second season, the Warriors knocked the Mavs out in the first round of the playoffs and Monta had a couple of good games that caught my eye. Now he's the Warriors' best scorer and arguably their best player.

Another of the Warriors' best players is David Lee who came over from the Knicks this year. David is one of those hard workin' guys who can do it all. I was really hoping the Mavs could have brought him here somehow during this last free agent period. Oh well.

Speaking of hard workers, this guy may be the hardest working of them all right now. K Love is averaging 21 pts and 15 rebounds per game this season thanks to a league leading 51 double doubles. That's some greatness. So there you go, just a few of the younger guys I'm gonna add to keep my collection relevant over the next few years. Later.

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