Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bombs Away! - Big D Customs.

This next set features guys who'll drop a 3 on ya from time to time.

Bonner might seem like an odd choice, since he's no superstar, but he did lead the league in 3pt percentage this season.

Ray Allen is a natural choice since he is now the all time leader in 3pt shots made.

If you saw the Mavs last game against the Lakers then you know why JET is here. I thought I'd use a different pose than him shooting, just for some variety.


  1. I love the position-number combo on these a lot, like the name of the Bomber. And Matt Bonner is an outstanding choice - my little brother is a Spurs fan and he's been singing me Bonner's praises for years. All that mostly means is he ends up on every video game basketball team I've ever had, but hey, it's something!

  2. How is it the Panini hasn't hired you yet? There are freaking great. The diecut 3, brilliant.

  3. i love the diecut design!

    contest is almost ready, btw! waiting for you to post your 3 images. check out my site and i've got two participants up so far!