Friday, May 13, 2011

This One's Mine, Get Your Own! - Big D Customs

Here's another themed set for you to take a look at. This one features the dudes who really crash the boards, and they don't like to share!

As always, your comments are welcome. Later.


  1. hey derek, its mike from hupe royalty. i'm excited to see you designing again. two things:

    1. i noticed on your custom cards page some images have the word "owner" with a name and website. what does that exactly mean?

    2. wanna have a friendly competition between me and you and see who can get more votes on a new design?

    we can limit it to 3 card sets, like you have been doing. what do you think? just for fun :)

    after we create our sets, we can set up polls on both of our sites and run it for 2 days and tally up the votes?

    it would actually be kind of fun if we could get several custom card designers involved! i think i could get a few from hobby kings to participate!


  2. Mike,
    1) The ones marked "owner" are cards that I made physical copies of and then sent to them. If you click on the link, it should go to that person's blog where most of them have written about my card that they received.

    2) The friendly competition sounds good to me. Count me in with whoever else you want to include

  3. derek

    can you tell me more about your printing process?
    and the DPI setting for images? and the cardstock?

  4. hey derek, how about we start the contest on wednesday the 18th? i put up a post on my site and i think i could get verse1 from hobbykings/ozcardtrader and xarzy from hobbykings to join us.

    three images. any three images you want to use. could be new stuff or existing stuff you've made.

    i'll put up a poll on my site on wednesday and you could do the same, with everyone's photos.

    maybe run the poll for 4 days? just a thought.