Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I Lucky Or Is This Normal?

We haven't bought a whole lot of 2011 Topps baseball, but we do pick up a few packs every so often. Last year we didn't redeem any of the Million Card Giveaway code cards. We traded them away. This year I decided to see what all the hoopla was about especially when I saw the die cut diamond cards. I wasn't really interested in obtaining a bunch of random cards from yesteryear, but the die cuts I'd seen on ebay looked kinda sweet. So I entered in my 7 codes and what do you know. I got 2 die cut diamond cards. Is that normal? I think probably not. Anyway, I was quite excited and immediately set out to trade them away. Here's the deal.

Carlos Quentin and

Vernon Wells. For...

Michael Young and

Kurt Suzuki!

I must say I'm pleased with the trade. 2 dudes I don't care about for 2 of my faves. The die cut cards are pretty cool and look great in photos when the flash hits them. I dare say they are better in photos than in hand unless you get them into the proper light. Now I'm hooked. I need more code cards, though I'm afraid I may have reached my quota. I'm not sure pulling 2 of these things from every 7 code cards is very common. What do you think? Later.


  1. I guess I could be wrong, but aren't those supposed to be harder to get? You may have really lucked out there in that case. But the cards do look great. I'm not always a huge fan of die cut, but those look good.

  2. Yeah, that's a bit out of the norm, although I've redeemed 5 diecuts. But I've inputted quite a few codes.

  3. I had 16 codes and got one lousy diecut...

  4. 11 codes and no die cuts... but I've gotten mostly early 70s so not terrible

  5. That seems like pretty good luck there, D. I would definitely redeem some more codes if I were you.