Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blowing Up The Lockout - Big D Customs

I sure hope the doom and gloom of the NBA lockout doesn't come true. I'm totally psyched for this season after coming off of our first championship. Then again, if the season is cancelled, I guess the Mavs will be the first 2 year champs of the NBA. The lockout could even affect Big D customs as there may not be much action to keep me motivated, so enjoy this last basketball set for now. Who knows when the next one will be available.

If the NBA does loose all or part of the season, I guess I'll have to shift more of my attention to Stars hockey. Maybe we'll see the first ever Big D Custom hockey set this fall. Stay tuned! Later.


  1. What are you talking about? There's going to be so much international action this fall for basketball that it will only lead to you making Big D Customers Foreign Brand.

    Imagine designing a card of Kobe in front of a Chinese flag. THAT could be a stunning card, and controversial, if done right.

    Or maybe a D-Will card in Turkey?

    Or you could do EPL cards (please) and send out some Everton customs to a certain somebody you might know.... But you could also make some great Newcastle stuff if you had time left after working day and night on Everton designs. Just saying.

  2. G, that's a good idea about the EPL cards. I'll get right to work!