Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't Worry, I'm Still Alive!

Some of you were probably beginning to wonder what happened to me. Or maybe not. Anyway, it's been a whole month since I last posted and I didn't want anyone to get worried, so here's proof that I'm okay.

That's me holding the first issue of the all new Ultimate Spider-man featuring Miles Morales in the Spidey suit. It just came out today, so there's your proof. In case you've been out of the loop of comics, this issue is somewhat controversial as Miles is not your typical Spider-man. A while back when it was announced that Peter was gonna die and he'd be replaced by a new Spider-man, all the buzz was about Miles' skin color. That's right folks, he's not white! OMG! First the White House and now our beloved superheroes, what could be next?
Well, guess what? It's no big deal to me what color our new Spidey is. Sure I'd love for Peter to still be around, but not because he's a white guy, he's just familiar. I think the change is pretty cool though. See I don't think superheroes should live forever. I think they should die off, retire, grow disinterested or just altogether quit every once in a while. We don't need 80 year old Bruce Wayne running around trying to still be Batman. He's had plenty of apprentices that can take up the mantel and run with it, or how about this? Create an all new character every once in awhile to replace the departed ones. I kinda wish that's what they would have done here instead of giving Miles the Spider-man name, but I also realize that he wouldn't be getting near the publicity if he was named Arachno-boy or Wonderwebs or something.
Speaking of names and people being too hung up on Miles' skin color, I read a post on a forum somewhere today where someone was complaining about Miles' last name being Morales. They said, "If his dad is black and his mom is Puerto Rican, why does he use his mother's last name when they are married?" They seemed very concerned that a black guy wouldn't have a latino last name. I guess they must not watch very much baseball. Ever hear of David Ortiz for one? Just because his dad is black doesn't mean he can't be Puerto Rican or Dominican or something. Who cares what color his skin is or what his name is, as long as the stories are well written and enjoyable, and so far, it is. In fact, the biggest difference so far between the two Spider-men is not their names or races, it's their powers. **Spoiler Alert** Miles can turn INVISIBLE! Now that's got me interested. Later.

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  1. First off, be careful blogging about gets so addicting, lol. But comics blogging is so much more fun because they're constantly new and so much cheaper than cards. Great write up on Spidey by the way. You guys are going to convince me to get it anyway aren't you?

    It's funny because I'm Latino, I feel like I should get my daughters THE only comic with a Latino front-man. I've been going really heavy with female-centric characters to show them that women can be empowered, maybe I should get them the Latino kid too.

    Of course Marvel would make the Latino kid INVISIBLE though..... Ha ha. I'm just kidding. But I bet some conspiracy nut out there would look at it that way.

    I'm just not into the racial lines though. To me it doesn't matter. I'm much more interested in them seeing strong female characters of any color. Of course I'm a Colossus honk, so that's about as far from female as you can get, lol.

    Good to see you blogging again. You're good at it. But I know it's tough to make time. I'm luckily in a place where I can etch out a bit of time in my evenings, but it may not always be so easy.

    Hurts to see Mikel in the Everton uni though. That's cold that that's your last post staring me in the face.