Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Invincible Really Is "The Best Superhero Comic Book In The Universe"

With all the comic book pub lately being heaped upon DC for their New 52 #1's and Marvel for their black Spider-man and X-men Schizm, it's easy to forget there are other publishers out there. One of those "others" is Image comics which just happens to be home to my favorite book, Invincible.

Invincible is written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Ryan Ottley and it is "The Best Superhero Book In The Universe!" It says so right on the cover of each issue and I'm here to tell you why.

It's not the action.
It's not the romance.

It's not the crazy super villains.

It's not the hot, alien chicks.

It's not even the brutal beatdowns. No, what makes Invincible "The Best Superhero Comic Book In The Universe" is this...

it got my wife to read it. After all the years I've tried to get her to read a comic, Invincible finally pulled her in. She'll probably kill me for posting this photo, but I love it. Nobie and I came home the other night and she had already fallen asleep reading in bed and what do you know? There she is all snuggled up with an Invincible trade. Awesome! That is simply the clinching reason why Invincible really is "The Best Superhero Comic Book In The Universe". I dare you to prove me wrong. Later.


  1. I'm a fan of Invincible and most of the other stuff that Kirkman has written, I just wish that I had gotten into Invincible sooner. I pick up a trade when it's a slow week for comics, but I'm so far behind. I keep thinking about just picking up with the recent issues and then catching up later, but I never end up doing it.

  2. It's an awesome moment when you find the book that gets the significant other reading. I got my girlfriend with Scott Pilgrim. Now she thinks she's cool because she new about it BEFORE it was a movie.'re not that cool, honey.

    I'll have to see if she likes Invincible.