Friday, April 13, 2012

I Got A Major Award!

No it's not a leg lamp, its a Panini's Choice Award. I picked up this card on ebay a few weeks ago. I wasn't really very interested in these cards when I first saw them, but when I saw Mark Aguirre on the checklist I became very interested. This is a Crown Royale Panini's Choice Award Mark Aguirre auto from 2012 Panini Preferred. It comes in several different parallel colors such as red, gold, green and the base which is silver. I chose blue because I felt it went well with the road greens that mark is wearing. The auto is on card which is a big bonus.
The backs are pretty plain. You can see I got card number 5/50. I'm still not too sure on the looks of these things, but they are unique at least. I'm not the biggest Panini fan in the world, but I have to give them big props for putting out so many cards of one of my most favorite players ever the last few years. I'm glad Mark still gets recognized for his skills all these years after he retired. Good job Panini! Later.


  1. Good looking auto on an interesting card.

  2. I loved those Pacific Cramer's Choice Awards from the 90's. Beautiful card... and the on-card autograph is icing on the cake.

  3. Aguirre is easily one of the best offensively gifted players on the 1980's Association. I'm a fan of these Cramer's or Panini's Choice cards, so I think this is a really nice pickup. Congrats!!!