Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long Live The Queen! 2012 Gypsy Queen Value Pack

Well, lookee what I stumbled upon at the local Wally World today. That's right 2012 Gypsy Queen is on the shelves, so I grabbed a value pack. The value packs have 3 six card packs plus a bonus of 3 exclusive framed cards.

Each pack contained 4 base cards, 1 mini and 1 other parallel/insert. The design is similar to last year's. Nobie says he likes these better though.

Just like last year, the photos seem to have been touched up with a filter of some sort giving them a slight "artsy" look.

Yay! an Ichiro for the PC.

Here are the 3 minis we got. The Stargell is extra special. Wanna know why?

Check out the backs and you can see that we got a Straight Cut parallel Willie!

Our bonus pack contained these 3 gold framed parallels. Pretty nice, right?

Like I mentioned earlier, each pack contained a parallel/insert and these are the 3 we got. A blue framed Ian Kennedy and Hallmark Heroes of Cobb and Gibson. All in all not a bad value pack. I'm sure we'll be picking up a few more of these sometime soon. After all, we haven't even gotten any Rangers yet. By the way Sox fans, sorry about that butt whoopin' today, not! Later.


  1. Nice group of cards. Is that the Walmart by the Ballpark?

  2. Actually I found them at the GP walmart at 20 and Great Soutwest

  3. The retail framed cards look nicer than I thought.

  4. Hey BigD! If you want any more Gypsy Queen, I'm gonna be giving away most of what I pulled last night starting on Saturday. They'll be in the Take My Cards section of Crackin' Wax. Hope I have something you're looking for!