Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Perfect Bowman Blaster (For Us At Least!)

Nobie and I have only picked up a pack or two of Bowman this year. We aren't really caught up in Strausburg mania. Sure it would have been nice to get one, but whatever. We do like the cards enough though to collect our favorites, so we decided to pick up a blaster... and hit the jackpot!

We got pretty much all of the Rangers...

and Nobie's Cubs. We also lucked out and got many of our binder players including a Markakis, Pence...

Pujols, Ichiro and even a Kurt! Besides the base cards we landed a ton of the throwback cards!

Again, somehow we had awesome luck in the assortment of players we got. Not one player that isn't in one of our player collections.

We also got 2 of the Topps 100 cards featuring two young studs from our favorite teams. All-Star reliever Neftali Feliz and rookie shortstop Starlin Castro. We couldn't have gotten two better players for us from this set. How did we get so lucky?

Wow, talk about strange luck continuing. Somehow we pulled Turkey Reds, 2020's and Peak Performance cards from Topps' other sets. Odd that they aren't Bowman cards, though they are all 2010s and again favorite players. That's not the weirdest thing though. Check out what else came in the blaster.

A couple Michael Youngs including a Bowman refractor and a SaltyHam Topps card from 2009.
Strange stuff, right? Well, by now I'm sure you've all figured out that these cards did not actually come from a Bowman blaster. They did, however, cost 20 bucks like a blaster but we got them all from Sportlots.com. Nobie and I figured if we were gonna spend $20 on Bowman cards, we might as well make sure we get all players that we like instead of a bunch of prospects we've never heard of before. It's not quite the same anticipation of opening packs, but at least we don't end up regretting our purchase. We did manage to end up with 2 Peavy Turkey Reds though. Somehow, I guess we screwed up our own collation. Oh, well. Later.


  1. Now that's $20 well spent. About the Peavy...what would a "blaster" be without at least one dupe!