Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hats Off To The Texas Rangers!

Well the "good guys" finally did it! The Texas Rangers are no longer the only MLB team to never win a postseason series. Congratulations, guys! What better way to commemorate the occasion than by checking out the capless T206 Rangers of 2010.

The Dutch Oven has had his ups & downs for sure, but hopefully he'll continue to improve and lock down an eventual starter position. Josh should be the MVP (yeah, I'm a homer) and although he didn't have a great ALDS I expect big things in the ALCS. Nellie and this next guy...

Kins, each hit 3 home runs in the ALDS. Do you know the last time 2 teammates each hit at least 3 HRs in one postseason series? Well, it was 1928. Two dudes named Ruth & Gehrig. Pretty good company, wouldn't you say? Neftali and his red glove have been red hot all season, with just a wobble in the TB series. I'm sure he'll get himself back on track against the Yanks. Rich Harden... well, let's just say, we should have resigned Marlon Byrd instead of wasting our money on him.

Vlad turned out not to be a waste and I'm sure the Angels would agree, now. Julio forgot about the hatless memo. Michael Young has long been the face of this team and it's great to see him get a chance at the postseason. Hopefully, he'll bet back to hitting like his normal self as he's been a little off this October.

Our last 2 cards feature Chris Davis who is not actually on the playoff roster, though he can be seen rockin' a nice red sweatshirt in the dugout during the games. He's had a tough season, at least he can experience the playoffs up close. Lastly, is Tiny E. Elvis has really come into his own as a great young SS. All I can say is this next series with the Yankees better not be an audition for his replacement of Jeter in a few years. The Rangers need to wrap him up any way they can.

So that's it for now. I can't believe it's been another week since I posted. Between Nobie & Goose and Rangers playoff games, I can hardly find any free time. It's great though. I wouldn't change a thing. Later.


  1. It's time! Life long Rangers fan. They have 6 Dominicans on the playoff roster and a few other latin players. Vlad Guerrero is top 3 all-time favorite players. Great addition this year.

    If CJ can get em off to a good start tonight, they could take this. Have to have a lead before Rivera gets in there, cause that guy is ridic.

    Love the hatless series.

  2. I like the simple design of the T206 cards... anyways... Let's go Rangers! Take down the Yankees!

  3. Yankees down! Yankees down! Oh yeah! The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series!