Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mascot Mania

Baby Peas loves these mascot cards, so we've been trying to get them all. These 6 all came from the same reader, Richard. I noticed something strange about them though.

The first 3 show mascots for the Cardinals, Rays and Reds and they all are clearly named on the front. We've got Fredbird, Raymond and Gapper, though I'm not exactly sure what Raymond and Gapper are supposed to be.

What's up with the next 3 though. Apparently, the Dbacks, White Sox and Brewers have nameless mascots. Either that or Topps is once again displaying their half-assedness for all to see. The mascots actually do have names (they are shown on the backs) so why aren't they on the front? I can't think of any logical reason. Oh well. If anyone has any mascots to spare for my darling daughter, she'd love to have them. Let me know. Later.


  1. Sweet subset collection... I never busted this product... but now I might have to reconsider. If I don't build this set... I at least want the A's and the Padres mascots. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good catch D. I hadn't noticed that before.