Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Okay Rangers, It Really Is Time!

Whoever does the marketing for the Rangers is a genius. They began the season with the slogan "It's Time" plastered everywhere in hopes of hyping us all up for the upcoming season. Well, what do you know, it seems to have worked. After 11 long years of no postseason baseball in this town the Rangers are back in the playoffs.

The Rangers will begin their pursuit of a title today against the Rays in the legendary baseball shrine better known as Tropicana Field. I'm sure there will be plenty of seats available if you'd like to go. (We all know how baseball crazy the people of Tampa/St. Pete are!) The crowd will probably consist of the Troll and his wife's roller derby team, and that's about it. The usually small Rays crowds coupled with the Rangers not so long history of being a playoff team have resulted in a game 1 start time of 12:30 Texas time. Geez, MLB, thanks a lot!

How the hell am I and the rest of the Rangers/Rays fans supposed to watch the game when it's right in the middle of the work day. We didn't wait around for 11 long years to finally be in the playoffs again just so we could work right through the game! That's exactly whats gonna happen though. I'll cue up the DVR and avoid any and all human contact until I get home around 8:00 tomorrow night and hopefully I'll be able to sit down and enjoy the game without knowing the result (Of course, if I was a damn Yankee fan, it wouldn't be a problem at all now would it?).

So wish me luck. I think the Rangers have a good chance at getting out of the first round and it should be a lot of fun either way. To those of you whose teams also made it, Good Luck and to the rest, we'll there's always next year! Later.


  1. Wow, that Kinsler card is Cup Card GENIUS! Look at all the random paper cups strewn about in that baby! Lol I'm jealous.