Monday, May 16, 2011

Dunkin' On Your Punkin' Head! - Big D Customs

Here's a set of guys who like to dunk on other dudes.

Notice I used one of the Wizards new logos. I have to say, their new unis and logos are a big improvement in my opinion.

Blake is the NBA's Dunker... whoops, I mean, Rookie of the Year.

I sure hope the Mavs resign Chandler. I'd rather have him dunking FOR us than ON us!


  1. supereb! great photos used, awesome design!

  2. can you recommend a font site to DL free fonts?

    i've used before but i'm looking for others if you know of any. i like the one you used here.

  3. I actually don't have a free font site to recommend. I've been looking for one myself. Most of the fonts I use are just what we happen to have from various programs on our home computer. A few my wife downloaded for school things she's done. I'd really like to get a lot more to use for myself, but they seem to be quite expensive to buy.

  4. Big D, I don't follow basketball much, but I know awesome cards when I see em. Great work man. On all of the basketball cards you've done lately.