Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 Topps 206

I made another trip to the card shop to hit the quarter boxes to scratch my recent basketball itch. If you grab 100 they sell 'em to you for $15, so that's only 15 cents a card, I'll post some of those in a few days. As I was checking out I saw they had just gotten in 09 Topps 206, so I grabbed a pack.

They were selling for $6 a pack, which gives you 9 cards. Here is what we got.

Well, yeah. Not a lot here in my opinion. We didn't get one Ranger or any of my or Nobie's binder players. The Johnson mini is alright, it's a Piedmont back, which isn't listed in the odds rundown on the wrapper, so I'm assuming it's the normal back, no parallel or anything. There are some good players, just no one we really collect. The cards themselves are pretty unspectacular, just another retro set that uses a photoshop filter on the player's photos to give it an old tyme look. Personally, I think Topps could do without another retro set, as I find Heritage and Allen & Ginter to be more to my liking. What I do like about the 206 cards are the framed relics & autos, though we didn't get any, I like what I have seen on ebay so far. Anyway, there you go. See anything you want, let me know. Later.


  1. Hey Derek!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving dude!!

  3. Crap. Hopefully I don't regret the box of this stuff I just ordered. The base cards look like they leave much to be desired.