Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trade with Roll Out the Barrell

A few weeks ago I was at a card show and ran across a few Robin Yount cards I thought Ed from Roll Out the Barrell might be interested in. We hadn't traded before, but I knew he was a Brewer fan, so I picked them up. I dropped him a note about swapping some Brewers for Rangers and the trade was on. Rangers weren't the only team we got, however.

As you can see, Nobie got a nice pile of Cubs. I know it must have been real hard for you to give these up, Ed ;) but you'll be glad to know they are very much appreciated in their new home!

Ed also, sent a nice mix of Rangers old & new, including a Kinsler Icons we needed for the set and several Michael Youngs, who is my current favorite Ranger. The Canseco card is actually a Sportflix, though you can't really tell that in the photo. I didn't collect cards when these were new, so they are pretty neat to get. I'd like to see someone come out with a similar current set, but with Topps being exclusive, I doubt it will happen. Anyway, thanks for the great cards Ed. Later.

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