Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm My Own Secret Santa!

I went by the card shop a few weeks ago, looking for a gift for the Secret Santa exchange that A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector put together. My wife often complains that I'm hard to buy gifts for because I tend to just buy what I want when I see it, leaving her (or anyone else for that matter) with no choices. Well, guess what. I didn't end up with anything for my Secret Santa person, but I did get a few cards for myself. My wife knows me so well. Anyway, here they are.

I picked up 8 Elways and only one was more that a buck (the Gunslingers one). I got my first Elway "snow" card and I also really like the "mud" one, though it's not nearly as cool as the Greg Landry mud card. I suppose a couple might not be really worth a dollar, but I don't mind spending a little bit more from time to time at this shop. The shop I frequent is really a combination of 4 guys. There are all there on Saturday, but the rest of the week usually only one of them is there and he looks after the others guys' stuff. I should learn their names, but I haven't. Anyway, the guy I bought these from is a really nice older guy and he's never pushy and usually ends up cutting a little off the total anyway, so like I said, I don't mind paying a little extra "sticker" price.

I also grabbed 8 Dirks. I guess that was a coincidence, I don't remember planning it that way. These were all a buck too, including a couple chrome refractors and what I like to call "hippie" Dirk (the Topps 1952 Style). So there you go, another gift for myself. Don't worry, though, I got the Secret Santa gift taken care of a few days later, so if it's your name I drew you can breathe easy. Later.

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