Monday, December 7, 2009

What The Heck Is This Stuff?

Found these at a Dollar Tree the other day. I seem to recall someone posting a pack of this stuff awhile back, but decided to try it for myself. I guess I was suckered in by the "Trading Card Investment Series" emblazoned across the top of each pack. It's about time I make a killing off of cards instead of just throwing money away! I picked up a pack of football for Goose, baseball for Nobie and some basketball for myself.

The football & basketball promise "one sports legend trading card in every pack" while the baseball promises only "rookie minor league cards in every pack." All 3 packs include an Investment Grading Service coupon, worth $5 off of having a card graded. They each have a mail in offer for a free autographed card on the back of the wrapper, all you have to do is send in 4 wrappers and $3.99 shipping. I'll bet you get something awesome if you do it! I did not. I will show you, however, what we did get in the packs.

Sorry if I'm insulting any one's favorite player, but what a load of crap. Admittedly, most of these cards come from when I paid only a little bit of attention to baseball, but I figured I'd have a little knowledge of some of the players inside. Uh, not so much. I guess for me the best card would be the RBI Leaders card featuring Simmons, Jackson and Nettles, all of whom I am familiar with at least. I also got a Mickey Tettleton card to ad to the catcher collection. The promised rookie minor league cards consisted of one, Bruce Chen. The pack was only a buck, but I'd have to say, not worth it. Let's check out football next.

Wow, what the heck? A pack of 14 cards featuring 3 sets of doubles, who packed this stuff? Talk about poor collation. A little more name recognition here at least. I got a couple of Cowboys in Chris Boniol and Everson Walls, though Walls is a Giant on the card here. Eugene Robinson was a pretty good player from what I remember, though not worthy of 2 cards in one pack! I guess my promised legend card would have to be Franco Harris. A Steeler, yuck! Maybe we'll fare better with our basketball pack.

Heck yeah, that's more like it. A Maverick, first card out of the pack, even if it is a guy who is better in his post NBA career than he was as a player. I also got a Fat Lever Mavs card and one of former Mav Sam Perkins. Tyrone Corbin was one of my favorites during his college days at DePaul as was the X-man, Xavier McDaniel, though I don't need 2 of the same card of him either. The pack was full of several bigger name players, though the promised legend card, has to be Charles Barkley and I got 2 DIFFERENT cards of him. What a deal! The "hit" of all 3 packs though, has got to be the John Paxson Silver Season card, which apparently came from a pack of Equal sweetener. Sweet! I know, bad joke.
So there, you go. I definitely had more fun with the basketball pack than either the football or baseball, but I doubt if I give these a whirl again. If you find yourself in a Dollar Tree and are feeling lucky or just want to make a "good" investment grab a few packs for yourself. Later.


  1. I floated a couple of bucks after two of those baseball packs. Every card in the two packs was a exactly the same. Evey single one. I can't complain though...that is the highpoint of crappy retail.

  2. I have four packs, so I'm going to send them in with $3.99 for an autograph whenever I get around to it. Your baseball pack smoked mine, there was literally no one any sane person could consider a star in it, and there were a couple sets of dupes (though they were both Cubs, so the Bipping hurt a little less). My basketball pack was also surprisingly not that bad, and my football one would've been great if not for the good ones (McNabb and a Tom Brady topps Madden insert) being damaged.

    I guess sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes you get far less. And sometimes you get a David Beckham jersey out of a dollar pack. Someday I will stop creatively bragging about that in other people's comment sections and get to posting it already... but today is not that day. :P

  3. I appreciate you showing all the cards. The other posts on this just mentioned they got crap. You really SHOW the crap.