Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trade with Trader Crack's

Just completed a trade with Ryan from Trader Crack's Card Blog. Well, not complete, as I still need to send him his cards, but half complete. He has a list of cards he's willing to give up on his blog, so I picked a few we were interested in. This is what we got.

A nice little assortment of Nobie's and my favorite players. We've got Pujols & Ichiro, looking like they are about to start clubbing one another, big Prince inside a shiny X, MVP Mauer, Kinsler as a young pup, Mr. Met minus the over sized baseball head and another shiny Pujols that appears to be missing a swatch or something (look at all that empty space!) We will be sending Ryan a little package of Canadian MLB players, since he favors those that hail from the Great White North. Ryan, thanks for the trade and your package should be in the mail no later than Saturday. Later.

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