Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trade with Beardy (Better Late Than Never, Right?)

Okay, I feel like a tool. I usually try to post a trade as quickly as possible, but this one got by me somehow. Only because I've been pestering Beardy about giving up his Kung Fu Panda auto, was it even brought to my attention that I had neglected to let Beardy know I had received the cards he sent almost a month ago. Sorry, Dude! Beardy and I set up a trade starting with a Micheal Young card I'll get to in a minute. Since we were going to be dealing with an Oriole guy, Nobie had me check to see if he may have any Markakis doubles he could send his was. Boy did he!

Beardy sent quite a pile of Markakii (is that plural for Markakis?), which immediately tripled the number of cards in Nobie's growing player collection. Very nice gesture from the bearded one!

Of course, as most of us seem to do, he threw in some random extras from my favorite team, the Rangers. A nice mix of old and new, I really like the black border mini Hamilton and the Ryan with the smokin' baseball. The only one of these I already had was the Byrd, so I very nice lot.

Here is the aforementioned Young card, which as you can see, is not normal size. It is a cabinet card, though I'm not sure why they are called that. I've mentioned in an earlier post, that this isn't exactly one of my favorite Michael Young cards, it just looks a little "weird" to me somehow. It is, however, an unusual card of my favorite Ranger, so it's very welcomed. It is also my first cabinet card of any kind so that is cool too! Once again, sorry for the delay Beardy, don't take it personally, it was a great trade! Later.


  1. I am horribly offended. Can't you tell by the tone of this comment that I am absolutely furious?

    Oh, you can't? Well that's because I'm not. It's a rare feat for me to manage to post someone's half of a trade before they post mine.

    Thanks again, and let's trade again in the future!

  2. Derek, that cabinet cards is awesome! I never knew those existed so I might have to track one down for myself. Also don't know how you'd store it.