Monday, June 27, 2011

Back To Back Baseball

So after a couple months of basketball only content, I've actually got 2 baseball posts in a row! Here are a few more single pickups of some of our favorites.

I really enjoy Topps' Opening Day set. It's got a lot going for it though it isn't perfect. It really needs to have an altogether different design than the Flagship set, then it would be perfect. The main things I like about it are the price and the inserts. They're just more fun, like these 3D Opening Day Stars cards.

This, I believe, is a black diamond Josh Hamilton that is from the Topps wrapper redemption program. I didn't redeem any wrappers, but someone did, then they sold it to me. These cards are pretty nice.

Here are a few more just like it that I picked up on ebay. I don't know how many wrappers it takes to get a set, but I'm pretty sure we don't buy enough packs to pull it off anyway, so ebay is a nice option for us. Plus, I can just pick and choose who I want and don't have to bother with storing a bunch of stuff I don't really want anyway. It's a win win situation. Though it does leave me short of trading material. Oh well. This officially ends our two post baseball interlude. We will now be returning you to some irregularly scheduled basketball posts. Later.

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