Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to Baseball - First Kurts of the Season

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've posted about anything besides basketball. Besides customs, I haven't posted about much period, so here's a little baseball for you. If you're looking for variety though, it ain't here. This post is Kurt specific.

First up is a nice green refractor from Topps Heritage. The green border goes quite nicely with the A's uni colors. This was an ebay pickup as I have bought maybe 2 total packs of Heritage this year. I've pretty much only grabbed singles of the dudes we collect from Sportlots.

Also, from ebay I nabbed this sparkly diamond edition of Kurt's Topps card for this year. I actually don't even have the regular old version yet, though I'm sure it'll show up eventually. Later.

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  1. Sweet Suzukis! I'm wondering when he's going to finally bust out of his slump at the plate. He's already reached the Mendoza line... and another 0'fer day will put him below it.

    I guess if this happens... it can only help us though, since theoretically we should be able to pick up his cards cheap.