Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ready for Game 5! Let's Go Mavs!

The Mavs last chance to win at home is tonight in game 5 and if they pull it off, they'll be up 3 games to 2. So far, the series has been pretty thrilling and I'm sure tonight will be more of the same. Here are a few recent Dirk pickups to get you in the mood.

This is a clear plexiglass card from the UD Glass set. It's much thicker than a normal card and the little squares are actully holes in the card. Pretty sweet.

This next card is from Panini's most recent basketball release Classics. I really like the color combo of the blue jersey swatch with the bright yellow. It looks especially nice since the Mavs blue matches the blue text on the card, whereas teams with say purple or green or somesuch tend to clash a little.

Up next is a somewhat shiny Hoopla Dirk from Absolute. Of course, Panini left plenty of blank space for the jersey and sticker auto variations.

This card is my first foray into eTopps. I picked it up on ebay for cheap and was pretty impressed when it came in the mail. It's nice and shiny and sealed up in a special case. It can't go in my Dirk binder like this, so I'll probably let it out at some point.

Finally, we have a Stargazing insert, also from Absolute. There are also jersey versions of this, but I prefer the base since the team logo fills more area than the small circle hole does.

That's all I got for now. Be sure to tune in for game 5 tonight and cheer the Mavs to victory! Later.