Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Here's To The Little Guys - Big D Customs

Basketball is usually known as a sport for big guys. When you're tall everyone assumes you play basketball. I'm 6'6" and I can't tell you how many times I've been asked if I play basketball in my life. In the general public I'm usually the tallest guy around, but in the NBA, I'd be pretty average sized, probably a 2 guard. So here's a tribute to some of the smaller guys in the league. The guys who somehow pull of some incredible moves that make you elbow your buddy and say, Dude, did you see that?

Stephen Curry runs the show for the Warriors and along with his running mate Monta Ellis provides some pretty exciting offense.

I like Aaron Brooks and think he could start for a lot of teams. Right now though, he has to settle for being Steve Nash's backup.

J.J. I think shocked just about everyone around the country with his postseason play. Those of us in Dallas that have seen him all season, though, knew he had something to contribute and boy did he! He was a big factor in the Mavs run to the championship. Way to go, J.J! Here's to you and all the little guys in the NBA. Later.


  1. one year ago I was so angry that Carlisle was playing JJ in front of Roddy.

  2. Very Skybox-ish! LOL

    hey derek, check out monkeyboner's cards!
    his championship kicks cards are great!