Friday, August 5, 2011

Pack Rip - 2011 Score Football

Score's football release actually came a couple weeks before Topps' did, but I've got them out of order. Oh, Well.

Score's wrappers are better because they've got Tony Romo of America's Team on them and they red, white and blue. What could be more patriotic than that? Let's see what's inside shall we?

These are what the base cards look like. Nice use of team colors and I like that they players are not cut out of the backgrounds this year. The Score logo at the top could be a little smaller, it seems like there is too much white space up there. Overall, though I give the design a thumbs up.

Here are the backs. Not bad, but not great either. Same photo as the front, but we get more than one line of stats, so that's good. Acceptable.

We got 2 rookie cards, one base with a dude in his training gear and one Hot Rookie insert with a player in full uniform. The insert is much better as a result, plus it's got flames! Neat! 7 cards for $.99 is a decent deal for these so Score yourself some packs of Score. Or, try a rack pack. 52 cards for 5 bucks, can't beat that. Later.


  1. Hey D! I'll be on vacation next week, but I'll be sending something for you guys when I get back.

  2. I liked last year's wrappers better: Peyton and Tebow. If they had to have a Cowboy, why couldn't it have been Jason Witten???

  3. ANOTHER football product to which you've beaten me to the punch! Well done.

    Not a bad product, especially for the price. I haven't fully considered all points for my box break review yet, but my preliminary thoughts align with yours.