Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pack Rip - 2011 Topps Football

I found some brand spanking new Topps football the other day so I grabbed 2 packs. Here's one of them.

Mark Sanchez is this year's wrapper boy and there will be a rookie in every pack! Whoopee! Same wrapper design as baseball, so that's a good sign that what's inside will match too.

Wow, I was right! As you can see same design as baseball, which is fine, cuz it's a good design. The only real difference is the division names at the bottom of the logo circle. These are the veterans we got. Nobody we collect.

Here is the rookies we got. Yeah, I know my grammar is off, but it was on purpose. The pack says we'll get A rookie inside. We got 3 instead. That's too many in my opinion. I couldn't care less about any rookie cards. Most of the rookies never amount to anything in the league, so I just see them as a waste. Plus, I want my football player cards to have guys in football uniforms, not track outfits. I wish they'd go back to the good old days and not have a player's first card come out until the year AFTER they have actually played and shown whether they are worth a damn or not. Rant over.

This is a Bowman mini. Mr. Jennings should not remove his helmet on the field. He'll get a fine.

This is a Bowman rookie card. Blaine if one of the few rookies I've heard of. I have no idea if he'll be any good or not. Since he plays for Jacksonville, I'll guess not. Just for the record the Jags unis suck, the old ones were much better. By the way, when did Jacksonville change their helmets exactly? Didn't they used to be black not metallic dark teal that only look black in certain light? Any Jaguar fans out there that know the answer? Later.


  1. Not a horrific pack, but certainly could have been better. I'm loving the commentary though, especially the Jennings Bowman.

    My buddy bought a jumbo box and is going to let me use it for my review. I can't wait to see a large sampling of this stuff because as you noted, the base design is actually pretty solid.

  2. Solid card design. Many subsets this year such as Super Bowl Legends, Topps Town, Postage Cards (minis), Bowman Rookies, Faces of the Franchise featuring two players within the teams history,Game Day and multiple auto and jersey subsets. There is a high number of cards in the base set (440). However, there is also different short print card variations (different poses/uniforms) for a few dozen veterans and rookies alike. The set is also relatively affordable per pack as well ($1 for 5 card pack/ $2 for 12 card pack/ $5 for a 36 card jumbo pack).