Thursday, April 14, 2011

Because I've Got To Post Something, Right? 2010 -11 Absolute Basketball

Dang, another week gone by since my last post. Where does the time go? Sometimes I guess better things to do and a little writers block will do a number on the posting frequency. What's the point of having a blog though if there aren't any new posts to read, so here ya go.

This is a rack pack of 2010-11 Panini Absolute Memorabilia. It's quite shiny. I don't actually have a lot to say. I like the design okay, glad to see some team colors on the front. The backs are typical Panini fare, but they're pretty nice. This pack had 22 cards for what I thought was $4.99. When I got to the Target checkout however, they rang up $6.99. I politely asked if that was right, I could have swore the peg said $4.99. I started to go back and check, but the lady said, Don't worry about it. I'll charge the $4.99. Sweet! I wouldn't have gotten them for $6.99.

Anyway, nothing incredibly special. We picked up a few dudes for our player collections, but that's about it. There were 2 inserts. Here they are.

Bynum & Malone. I think these are rack pack only inserts, but I'm not positve about that. I actually think it's a pretty cool, simple design with the solid color background and the white/black boxes at the bottom. The current day players would be a lot neater with a less "posed" photo, but oh well. So there you go. A post for the sake of posting post. Gotta keep the blog alive. Later.

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