Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quite An Assortment: Sportlots "Pack" 5

I guess this would be more like 2 packs rather than one, since I picked up 22 cards this time. Or maybe it's a rack pack. Either way, every card is one I want, and that's what makes buying singles so great.

This first bunch comes from 2010-11 Rookies & Stars, but there are no rookies here. Just stars and a retired guy. Caron was the last Mav I needed and I actually ended up with 2 Blackmans, as I got another in a trade while these were in the mail. Oh, well.

The next bunch comes from last year's Studio set. I still think Panini used some of their best photos in this set for the backgrounds where you can barely see them. The Kevin Love Skylines is from a cool insert set, that I wouldn't mind building one day.

The last portion,we'll call it the bottom half of the rack pack, it quite a mishmash of stuff. There's a Bowman Love, a significantly less tattooed Birdman, a Monta SPx from a few years back and 2 Skybox Mavs from 2008. I also picked up a Marc Gasol, Nash ticket, David Lee Hardcourt Hero and a mini Mark Aguirre Murad. Now is that a grab bag of fun or what? Later.

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  1. Studio could have been an amazing set, but it was wrecked by Panini's lazy design standards where they plunk big empty spaces on their base cards to make room for jersey swatches. I did a quick cut and paste job on my blog of an Al Jefferson card and made (what I think) is a beautiful looking portrait style card using all of the elements that are in the card currently. It's such a pet peeve of mine that they design their cards based on a 5% or so portion of the print run that will have auto stickers or jersey swatches.