Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nod Your Head If You Love The Playoffs!

I'm noddin' my head are you? What I don't love are these late night west coast starts. Mavs & Blazers won't tip until at least 9:30 our time tonight, which means it will be a late one. I'm pumped though. Hopefully the Mavs will play as well in Portland as they have so far in Dallas. Since it's playoff time, I figure it's time to unleash these bad boys.

I picked these up at a couple of the Mavs bobblehead nights this season. Portland figures to be a tough opponent tonight, especially on their home court, so the Mavs might just need to unleash their ultimate weapon. He's had a pretty good series so far, though he hasn't shot particularly well. He may need to step it up a notch tonight though, so get ready for...

SUPERDIRK! Wait, he already cut his hair this season. Let's try that again...

SUPERDIRK! There, that's more like it. In a perfect world, Dirk and the rest of the Mavs will wrap this thing up in two more games, but that realistically is not likely. Even just one win on the road would be great. I just hope that they play well no matter what and provide plenty of thrilling moments so that we get plenty of chances to see this...

overzealous Mavs owner Mark Cuban going nuts. I love it when he gets so over-the-top excited. Pure greatness! Anyway, whoever you root for, have fun watching. I know I will. Later.


  1. I'm watching the game right now...the Mavs just went from 2 down, to 13 down. Crappy run starting with the technical on Jet.

  2. Ok, it's back to within 8 at 87-79. We need a big run.

  3. Wow... rough 4th quarter. Sorry for your loss... this series is turning out to be something special.