Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sportlots "Pack" 6

While flipping through my Dirk binder a while back, the design of one of his cards caught my eye. It was an 02 Fleer Genuine card. I then checked my Finley binder to see if I had one of him. I didn't. In fact, I didn't have one of any of the other guys I collect, so off to Sportlots I went.

I really like the design of this set with the hardwood look and the full color players popping out of the black & white background. I picked up 9 cards total including a sweet Tyson Chandler for my newest player collection. Tyson has been an awesome pickup for the Mavs this season and he's got some pretty nice cards so I decided to start collecting him a little. Hopefully he'll resign with the Mavs in the off season and be around for a while.

Next up is a Dirk and a Kirilenko I didn't already have. They are also Fleer Genuine cards, but I don't remember which year they are from. I really miss Fleer, they put out some pretty cool stuff in their day.

These last 4 cards are all additions to the Michael Finley collection. What I really like about these is that he's in his Mavs uni and not the Spurs. Speaking of Spurs, I can't believe they won that game last night! Well, that's all for now. Just 45 minutes until game 6 between the Mavs and Blazers. Let's close it out tonight boys! Let's Go Mavs! Later.

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