Monday, September 7, 2009

Nobie's First Post - 2009 UDX Blaster Break

Hey this is Nobie I'm only 9 and today I am going to do my first post.Please leave comments. We are trying to collect the whole set of Upper Deck X. Soon we will have a need list for our set. Like my dad might have told you before I am a big Alfonso Soriano fan. My collection is at 102. If you have heard my dad say that's one of Nobie's binder players what it means is that I have a NL binder of favorite's and a AL. Well now we will get started on the blaster break of UDX.

Pack 1

Lance Berkman X3 [Woo-hoo NL binder player]
43-Tori Hunter
52-Justin Morneau [AL binder player]
78-Randy Johnson Die Cut
77-Aaron Rowand
21-Jermaine Dye

Pack 2

80-Ichiro [Me and my dad have a big collection of Ichiro's]
16-Alfonso Soriano [Yeah Babe!]
1523-20th Anniversary [I hate these cards]
Randy Johnson X2
100-Derek Holland Die Cut [BIG Rangers fans]
3-Brandon Webb [NL binder player]

Pack 3

4-Chipper Jones
Ken Griffey JR. X [AL binder player]
22-Carlos Quentin
20th Anniversary Jersey of Garret Anderson
Pack 4

23-Jay Bruce
86-Evan Longoria [AL binder player]
87-Carl Crawford Die Cut [AL binder player]
27-Travis Hafner
2 Chris Young
Matt Holliday X2 [NL binder player]

Pack 5

34-Carlos Guillen
38-Lance Berkman [NL binder player]
98-James Mcdonald Die Cut
Jake Peavy X [AL binder player]
26-Victor Martinez
7-Brian Roberts

Pack 6
1-Dan Haren Die Cut
Jeff Francour Jersey
Johan Santana X
96-Rick Porcello

Pack 7

58-Carlos Beltran
42-Vladimir Guerrero [AL binder player]
92-Roy Halladay Die Cut
Jose Reyes X5
1518-20th Anniversary
50-Corey Hart

Pack 8

Jimmy Rollins X [NL binder player]
72-Nate Mclouth
25-Brandon Phillips
53-Joe Mauer Die Cut [AL binder player]
83-Rick Ankiel
60-Andy Pettitte

Pack 9

84-Albert Pujols [NL binder player]
64-C.C. Sabathia
29-Grady Sizemore Die Cut [AL binder player]
17-Derrek Lee [Woo-hoo Cub]
9-Josh Beckett [AL binder player]
Ken Griffey JR. X3 [AL binder player]

Pack 10
31-Garrett Atkins
75-Adrian Gonzalez [NL binder player]
Johan Santana X4
41-Alex Gordan Die Cut
20-Paul Konerko
14-Daisuke Matsuzaka

Well that's the end for today. I hope you guys liked my blog and please like I said leave comments. See Ya!


  1. Nobie, congrats on your first post! Nice pull on that Holland card. Hopefully he'll start pitching better soon. Too bad that 20th Anniversary jersey had to be a dreaded Angels player! Good luck filling those binders. I've got some more cards for you guys coming soon.

  2. Good job on your first post! You seem to have a very good organization system and you pulled lots of Cubs and Rangers. Good luck completing the set!

  3. Great first post. Hopefully there are lots more to come. I am a football collector, so I can't help you out with building your set, but I wish you the best of luck!