Saturday, September 12, 2009

Trade with Cardboard Overload

Okay, time to get caught up a little bit. We've had a few trades go down lately so I need to get them posted and give the proper acknowledgments. The first was with Nick from Cardboard Overload. We had a bunch of Upper Deck Series 2 cards he needed to complete his set, so we sent them and this is what we got. A handful of A&G's & a couple of Goudey's for Nobie's favorites binder. An Alfonso Soriano Upper Deck 20th Anniversary card, we like these as long as its at least a sports personality. 2 Ian Kinsler starquests, that look the same, but are not. One is a silver common, while the other is a blue uncommon. What exactly is blue about it, I don't know. The only slight difference I can see is the blue in Kinsler's jersey is a smidge brighter on the blue uncommon one. I've noticed this on all the blue uncommon starquests this year, they might as well just be silver. Someone's idea of blue is definately different than mine. Oh well, at least it's a favorite Ranger, so doesn't hurt to get all the variations. Last but not least, is the Goodwin Champions preview of Ichiro. Nobie and I really like the look of the Goodwin Champion cards. We are seriously considering getting a box or two and trying to put the set together. Hopefully a lot of the rest of you are going to get them also, which will make trading to complete a set a lot easier. Okay, that's all for this post. Thanks again for the trade Nick! Later.

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