Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Need This Card!

I hate the Raiders! I'm a big John Elway/Denver Broncos fan, so I can in no way ever root for the silver & black. I did, however, like Lester Hayes, if only because of this card. It's a 1981 Topps Super Action #218. I used to have one, but like many other cards in my collection, it sort of disappeared to who knows where, so I want it back! Why you ask? Well, it's simple, the stick-um! It's everywhere in this card. Lester's got it on his hands, of course, giving him what appear to be skeleton fingers, but he's also got it all over his helmet and pants. If a ball where to hit him anywhere it would probably stick without any effort! I would hate to give him a high-5 if I were a teammate, and let's hope he didn't need to use the restroom at halftime! I've checked all my local shops for it to no avail and will resort to ebay if I have to, but I thought maybe some of my blogosphere friends may have one that needs a new home. If so, let me know & we can make a trade. I'll gladly take it off your hands, that is, if it isn't too sticky! Later.


  1. I'm not a football kinda' guy but I do have a 5000 ct box full of misc. football cards I've accumulated over the years.I'll check through them tonight and let you know.

  2. Baseball Dad, that sounds great! Thanks for checking.