Monday, September 14, 2009

Quiiincy!!! Trade with Play at the Plate

A few weeks ago Brian from Play at the Plate and I completed our first trade and he was very generous in his offerings. I still had some more cards he was needing so we traded again.

Brian sent a bunch of football for Goose including a Jamal Charles swatch card. Goose loved it as he is also a big Longhorn fan.
Nobie got a bunch of Cubs and Alfonso on the Rangers ...

and I got quite an assortment for myself including some Rangers, a few of my childhood baseball heroes, an Elway and some Cowboy greats... aaaand one not so Cowboy great. Quincy Carter, also known as Q-Car, was supposedly the next great Cowboys QB a few years back. I even drank the Kool-Aid and bought the boys each a Carter jersey. Man, what a flame out. A couple mediocre seasons and a little too much appreciation for weed and wham, Arena League 2. Last I knew he was playing in some 3rd rung indoor league in Abilene and got arrested for DWI or some such. What a waste. Neat card though, very shiny! Thanks again for a great trade Brian. Later.


  1. I thought the Q-Car would be your favorite...JUST kidding. I figured it could take up space in another house for awhile. That is one of those cards that should be used for origami or a snowflake or some other mutilation even if it is serial numbered! I had about 7 of those Greer autographed cards so I thought you might like that one! I'm already setting more aside for you and the boys.