Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trade with drewscards

Most of you, I'm sure are familiar with Drew from drewscards. If not, check out his blog. He's just a young guy, but he does a good job hanging with the big boys & gals of the card blogosphere. In fact, he's been the inspiration for Nobie to try his hand at this blogging thing. Drew's got a few years on Nobie, but maybe by the time he's 13 or so, Nobie will be running his own solo blog. Anyway, Drew had some A&G needs that we were able to fill so we sent those and a few damn Yankees his way. This was basically a blind trade for us since, at the moment, the only set we're building is 09 UDX. Drew didn't have many of those, so we said just send us some stuff from our favorites lists. Check it out... First up, a couple Rangers, Byrd and Catalanato. Next we have some football. Broncos for Goose and a Hester for Nobie. Funny thing is, if Topps hadn't of photoshopped Orton's card, it would have gone to Nobie since he's the Bear lover. Then Nobie got a large assortment of Cubs, including one UDX that we did need and an interesting Ron Santo card. Here's a closer look...
Anyone know what this is from? It looks like those old photos from the 50's or 60's with the strange scalloped edges. There is a blue, I'm assuming, faux autograph across the bottom with no other info on the front. The back just shows Ron Santo and that this is no. 19 of 33 photos. We don't have anything else like it, so it's a nice add to Nobie's "old school" player binder. Nice stuff, Drew, thanks for the trade! If you or anyone else can give me some more background on this card, let me know. Later.


  1. It's a 1969 Topps Deckle Edge card. It was a separate set issued with the '69 Topps set. Like it says on the back of the Santo card, it was a 33-card set.

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